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        New Crestron Zūm Makes It Simple to Design, Set Up, and Manage Lighting Control in Any Space

        Mar 03, 2017

        New Crestron Zūm Makes It Simple to Design, Set Up, and Manage Lighting Control in Any Space

        Setup requires only a few taps on a keypad or iPhone®, and no programming. Easily expandable from a single space to a centrally managed building-wide lighting control solution

        Rockleigh, NJ – March 3, 2017 – Crestron, a global leader in control and automation technology, announced today it is now shipping Zūm (pronounced “ZOOM”), which makes design, setup, and management of lighting control in any space easy, fast, and affordable. All the essential “building block” devices (wireless dimmers, switches, sensors, etc.) needed for dimming and automation are thoughtfully engineered to work together wirelessly. Setup only requires a few taps on a keypad, dimmer, or mobile app. Scaling from standalone systems to centralized building-wide control and network management is literally a snap. The Zūm Network Bridge simply snaps onto the Zūm Load Controller to add remote setup, daylighting, time clock scheduling, temporary overrides, and other advanced capabilities.  
        Easy to design
        With just a few devices, Zūm gives lighting designers everything they need for complete lighting control in almost any space. A single load controller can support up to 32 devices. Each device has a wireless communication range of 150 feet in every direction. Communication hops from one device to the other to create a mesh network of up to 2.25 million square feet. There’s no need for interface boxes or exposed antennae hanging from the ceiling. Centralized building-wide lighting control can be deployed using the same devices as standalone systems.
        Setting up standalone lighting control in any space is as easy as “pair and play,” said Even Ackmann, Technology Manager, Lighting at Crestron. “With just a few taps, everything just works. Zūm devices are self-aware and communicate with each other to provide intelligent wireless lighting control without any programming or commissioning.”
        Easy to setup
        All Zūm devices offer standard mounting, and consist of: a choice of four Load Controllers (0-10v, relay, plug load, and universal phase), which enable all system devices to communicate with each other; wireless wall box dimmer and keypads; battery-powered keypads, which allows placement anywhere – even on glass or brick; occupancy sensors for automation and data collection, and a daylight sensor. The Network Bridge simply snaps onto the Load Controller already installed in spaces throughout the building to enable remote Bluetooth® setup from the iPhone app. The Network Bridge pairs with the Zūm Hub to communicate wirelessly with traditional Crestron centralized lighting control systems, AV, shades, and HVAC for a complete enterprise solution.
        “And building-wide control is just as easy as a standalone system,” explains Ackmann. “You use all the same hardware.”
        Easy to manage
        The Zūm Network Bridge enables remote management, including time clock scheduling, executing temporary overrides, daylighting, and building-wide on/off. Direct communication with Zūm Cloud services centralized network management. For example, easily identify all vacant rooms with the lights turned on, and then those lights can all be turned off remotely. Zūm Cloud also provides instant alert notifications for remote support, and room usage data collection and reporting to reduce energy consumption, justify budgets, and drive future planning.
        Learn more
        Visit the Crestron Zūm page for more information including specifications, photos, pricing, and accessories.
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