Crestron Audio Solutions

        Audio is a vital part of any complete smart home solution.

        Built natively for the Crestron Home® platform and for seamless integration with custom systems, our audio solutions include a full selection of performance speakers that pair with our DM NAX™ Audio-over-IP distribution systems to deliver a no compromise experience. Crestron Audio Solutions provide easy integration, maximum scalability, optimal performance, beautiful design, and intuitive control.

        Crestron Home lets you take control of the music in your home for each family member and each occasion. Listen to your favorite artist, playlist, or streaming service in any room and create listening zones for indoor and outdoor parties.

        But audio is also much more than music. Audio is an essential sensory experience for gaming, movies, and critical for security, paging, wellness/dawn simulation, and much more.

        Couple in living room with image of smart phone with audio UI

        Crestron Residential Speakers

        made by Origin Acoustics
        Crestron Residential Speakers are expertly engineered using select materials to deliver high-performance sure to satisfy audiophiles and are architecturally constructed to please interior designers.
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        DM NAX Audio over IP Distribution 

        DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution is built on the DM NVX® Video over IP platform, so you know it provides unmatched flexibility, scalability, performance, and integration. DM NAX is the native Crestron Home audio distribution system that also seamlessly integrates with custom Crestron systems and DM NVX and designed to maximize the performance of Crestron Residential Speakers.
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