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        DM NAX™ Audio-over-IP Distribution System

        DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution System is built on the DM NVX® Video-over-IP platform, so you know it provides unmatched flexibility, scalability, performance, and integration. DM NAX is the native Crestron Home audio distribution system that also seamlessly integrates with custom Crestron systems and DM NVX, and Crestron Residential Speakers.

        Rendering of a DM-NAX-8ZSA unit on a dark background
        Close up pictures of DM NAX, front and back


        Select audio from any source – voice services, DM NVX, traditional audio sources, such as TVs and CDs, and streaming services. Smoothly ramp up and down alarms, doorbells, chimes, paging, intercom, and Amazon® Voice Service to mix with the audio. Plus, DM NAX features line level outputs and voltage triggers to feed to other amplifiers.

        DM NAX is a product family of easy-to-install, versatile audio distribution units that integrate Audio-over-IP, native streaming service support, and local analog or digital inputs all in a single platform. Each product provides flexible connectivity options and works directly with other DM NAX devices, DM NVX devices, or any AES67 compatible audio device on your network.

        Casting Services
        - Spotify Connect
        - AirPlay® 2.0
        Generic Services
        - Pandora®
        - SiriusXM®
        - Amazon® Voice Service
        Coming Soon
        - Amazon Music
        - Tidal
        - Deezer
        - Qobuz
        - Soundmachine
        - Roon

        Sync Controller

        Setup, configure, and manage the entire DM NAX system from a single web UI. 
        Application screenshot of Sync Controller
        Close up of DM NAX against swirls of light behind it


        • DM NAX is a highly scalable AES67 audio-over-IP distribution system.
        • DM NAX supports hundreds of sources to as many as 256 stereo zones (512 channels total).
        • DM NAX devices with music streaming services provide a dedicated stream for each zone rather than just one or two streams to the whole house.


        No other home audio solution can match the performance of DM NAX, and it costs less than popular consumer devices for larger systems. 
        • The built-in amplifier delivers class-leading power output of 150w/channel; up to 500W in bridged model
        • Class-leading noise and distortion specifications
        • Full DSP built-in to optimize output with Crestron Residential Speakers for a complete, integrated audio solution
        • Encoder for ingest of up to 16 stereo sources onto the DM NAX network in a 1RU enclosure – ideal to pair with a traditional DM chassis or a group of legacy audio sources at the rack.
        • All the great music streaming, Audio-over-IP, and DSP options from the 8ZSA in a 4 zone preamp model to feed existing amplifiers (whether uncontrolled, high impedance, or higher powered)


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