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The New York Giants
Draft Room presented
by Crestron

Step inside the New York Giants Draft Room Presented by Crestron, where strategy, dedication, and cutting-edge technology come together to forge the future of Big Blue.

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draft room

with Carl Banks

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the scenes

Man standing in the draft room explaing the technology

Integration for impact

Watch how an ordinary conference room elevates into a high-impact meeting space where data and decisions align.

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Man sitting in the draft room

Step into the Draft Room huddle

Explore how The New York Giants went from whiteboards and magnets to a fully integrated command center.

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A tablet with an american football and a helmet next to it in the draft room

Crestron tech in the New York Giants Draft Room

Split-second decisions. A constant need for info. Reliable, secure communications. That’s what the NFL’s New York Giants needed in their Draft Room, where key personnel decisions are made. They turned to Crestron for a total solution – along with a control system that ensures they never have to worry about the tech on draft day.

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Front Office

Crestron Electronics is a proud technology partner of the New York Giants. Hear how Crestron played a part in building out the state-of-the-art Draft Room that drives the Giants forward.

Featuring Giants Legend Shaun O’Hara and Crestron executives Dan Feldstein and Brad Hintze.

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Crestron powers the New York Giants


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Wireless Presentation
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An inside view of the boardroom

From the playing field to the boardroom

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