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        Crestron Training Availability

        Course Self-paced
        Online Training
        Online Training
        Foundational Courses
        Introduction to Crestron Systems Go to Course
        Fundamentals of Crestron
        Online Help Go to Course
        Basics of Crestron Go to Course
        DigitalMedia Certified Designer
        DM NVX Design and Application Go to Course
        Pre-DigitalMedia Certified Engineer
        DigitalMedia Certified Engineer Go to Course
        Crestron Network Solutions - Design
        Crestron DigitalMedia Networking Certificaction
        AV Courses
        Airboard Go to Course
        AirMedia Go to Course
        Appspace Go to Course
        Audio Technician Go to Course
        Avia Digital Signal Processors Go to Course
        Commercial Design and Applications Go to Course
        Getting Started with Dante Go to Course
        AV Configuration
        .AV Framework Go to Course
        Toolbox Go to Course
        AV Management
        XiO Cloud Go to Course
        Crestron Fusion Go to Course
        Unified Communications
        Crestron Flex Go to Course
        Crestron Mercury Go to Course
        Residential Courses
        Crestron Home Go to Course
        Residential Design and Applications Go to Course
        Shading Solutions Go to Course
        Pre-Programming Part 1
        Introduction to Programming
        Intermediate Programming
        Advanced Programming Skills
        Studio Go to Course
        Commercial Lighting
        Commerical Lighting Agent
        Self-Paced Online Trainng: Access the course via on-line and complete at your own pace
        Interactive Online Training: Formal instructor-led course with peer to peer interaction via live Zoom Session
        In-person Training: Will resume upon the opening of Crestron Training Centers

        Instructor-Led Courses 

        Design/Engineering Courses

        Crestron Fundamentals Commercial (CTI-CFC) - Interactive Online Training

        This class is an interactive online training where the learner will have a chance to work with a real-world design and Crestron Commercial products to create a working system.

        Existing Partners 
        Crestron DigitalMedia Networking Certification (DM-NVX-N) - Interactive Online Training

        This 1-day course will cover topics such as networking components, designing a network, network topology, unicast and multicast, network applications and troubleshooting the network.

        Existing Partners 
        DM Certified Designer– 4K (DMC-D-4K) - Interactive Online Training

        In this course you'll learn the unique design considerations to ensure reliable system operation, including those for a 4K distributed system. The course concludes with an exam that must be passed to earn DMC-D-4K certification. DMC-D-4K is a prerequisite for the DMC-E-4K course.

        Existing Partners 
        Crestron Network Solutions - Design (CNS-D) Interactive Online Training

        This is an introductory course into the world of networking. Topics covered include networking components, switch specifications, network topologies, and configurations.

        Existing Partners 

        Programming Courses

        Pre-Programming Part 1 (PMG1-PRE) Interactive Online Training

        In this interactive online course you will learn the fundamentals needed for the programming system and entering the Crestron’s certified programming track instructor led courses.

        Existing Partners 
        CTI-P101 Foundations of Crestron Programming - Interactive Online Training

        The students will utilize SIMPL Windows® and VT Pro-e® to modify an existing system and to create custom control programming.

        Existing Partners
        CTI-P201 Core System Programming - Interactive Online Course

        This class is three days in duration. The students will utilize SIMPL and VT Pro-e to program complex systems using third party devices, Fusion integration and Crestron Equipment.

        Existing Partners
        CTI-P301 Advanced Programming Skills - Interactive Online Training

        The goal of this 3-day class is to teach advanced programming skills beyond the day-to-day programming skills. This finishes the knowledge base needed to pass the certification practicum.

        Existing Partners

        Technician/Engineering Courses

        Pre-DMC-E (DMC-E PRE) - Interactive Online Training

        In this interactive online course you will learn the fundamentals needed for the DMC-E-4K instructor led course.

        Existing Partners 

        Learn more about CTI


        Crestron Technical Institute

        CTI Enhanced eLearning Available!

        Available for Crestron Authorized Dealers and Partners, CTI provides exclusive training for Crestron products at our worldwide and regional offices and through online classes.  Cultivate your installation, system design, and programming skills and excel as a professional in our comprehensive training program.

        For more information on how to become a Crestron Partner or Dealer, please visit the Find a Representative or Partnerships page.

        If you’re already a Crestron Partner or Dealer and have a Training inquiry contact us at:

        Why CTI?

        CTI empowers you to be able design, install, configure or program commercial and residential A/V systems. Attendance at our classes includes hands-on training and the opportunity to learn from and interact with our veteran Crestron training instructors. Our instructors are professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry and often helped design the Crestron systems for which they teach. In addition, attendees gain 24/7 access to resources such as design tools, support resources and programming and installation information to ensure your success in every Crestron installation. We look forward to helping you enhance your career as a Crestron system designer or programmer. We value your opinion and look forward to hearing about your personal experiences with our products as we are always looking to improve our curriculum.


        Track Introduction

        At CTI, there is a class for everyone. Whether you are a Salesperson, a designer, an installer or a programmer, we have a course path for you. Each track is designed to develop a full complement of skills for professionals in their respective programs.

        Read on to learn more about each track and to discover the right one for you.


        Integrate, Install, Terminate & Maintain

        Who Should Enroll?

        This track is designed for Installers and Integrators who work with Crestron Systems.

        Core Competencies

        • Integration of Crestron products and technologies using Cresnet, infiNET EX ®, ethernet, and Crestron Toolbox
        • Fundamental Crestron systems maintenance
        • Structured cabling basics
        • Cable termination


        Initialize, Configure, Test & Troubleshoot

        Who Should Enroll?

        AV Professionals who configure and maintain Crestron systems and Technicians interested in making the transition to Engineer will benefit from this track.

        Core Competencies

        • Design and configure Crestron systems.
        • Online monitoring and deployment of systems using Crestron XiO Cloud and Fusion Technology.
        • Thorough understanding of video distribution using DigitalMedia™ driven technologies with DigitalMedia and DM- NVX.
        • Crestron Audio Proficiency
        • Unified Collaboration system design and implementation.
        • Complete the full curriculum and achieve status as a Certified Crestron Technology Architect


        Crestron System Programming & Full Customization

        Who Should Enroll?

        This track is for AV Industry Programmers who seek to earn the respected title of Crestron Certified Programmer.

        Core Competencies

        • Competency in symbol logic coding
        • Use Smart Graphics to produce truly interactive and personal interfaces
        • Ability to configure and commission a Crestron Fusion deployment
        • Proficiency in Crestron’s Simpl, Simpl+ and Simpl# programming language  

        Note: Successful completion of this track leads to Crestron Certified Programmer accreditation.

        Certified Master Programmers

        A Crestron Certified Programmer holds the highest respect in the industry due to the rigorous training, extensive experience, and stringent testing throughout the certification process. Certified Programmers earn an exclusive invite to our yearly Masters Classes. Masters Classes are an invaluable opportunity for programmers to obtain specialized, hands-on training for the latest Crestron software and hardware while networking and sharing knowledge with other members of the Crestron Certified Programmers Community.

        World-Class Training Facilities

        Our extensive training facilities are specially designed to promote hands-on learning experiences in a comfortable environment. 

        AIA/CES Seminars

        Our AIA continuing education courses were developed to meet the specific needs of architects, electrical engineers and lighting designers.