Command the room Crestron Control Solutions

        The brains of your technology ecosystem, Crestron Control Solutions ensure that everything in the room that makes your organization work–from A/V to lighting, and temperature–works together seamlessly. Designed to help you deliver consistent, intuitive in-room experiences–from a single room to a global footprint. Intelligently. Efficiently. Securely.

        Designed to set everyone up for success–from IT to end user.

        When all your in-room technology works together, everyone in your organization can work together more efficiently and effectively.

        Easy to deploy and configure at scale

        • Create and configure any type of room
        • Create custom and standardized rooms on a single platform
        • Remotely provision one room, or hundreds with a push of a button
        • A/V devices can be programmed at scale
        • Your choice of software–based or hardware-based control

        Simple user experience

        • Single touch screen or keypad for all in-room technology–in every room
        • One touch access to turn solutions on or off, activate display, set audio levels, control thermostats, lighting, and shading
        • Customize in-room experience instantly
        • Control the room with the UC interface you use now– Zoom Rooms™ or Microsoft Teams® Solutions

        All your technology. One interface. Your control is total.

        All your A/V and room technology working together, all on one interface. With Crestron Control Solutions you can deliver real time control, real time responsiveness, and exceptional in room experiences.

        Control all your A/V technology

        Create the optimal in room experience

        • Integrated thermostats communicate with lights and shades for just the right atmosphere
        • Program spaces to scale to automatically set for room usage–presentation, video, accommodate weather and light conditions, or business hours

        The Crestron Advantage

        Today’s spaces feature more technology, and more functionality than ever before. And our expectations have risen faster than ever before. Crestron has put 50 years of experience into designing Crestron Control Solutions. Ensuring solutions that are simple to use, easy to configure, dynamic, scalable, and secure.


        Designed to continually change and improve, add new products, updates, security patches, and functionality so Crestron Control System becomes more valuable over time.


        Built to meet your needs easily as your organization grows and evolves. From the ability to control unlimited spaces to more advanced interoperability, adding new spaces and applications is easy.


        On-premises solutions offer you added security over your control platform and the data it transmits. Data never leaves your organization. On the back-end, Crestron control solutions support enterprise-grade security standards that assist with compliance and risk mitigation policies.

        Choose the solution that works for you.

        Crestron Control Solutions offer software and hardware based options. No matter what you choose, the functionality, level of control and consistency of experience are the same.

        Crestron hardware-based control

        • Flawless command execution
        • Interoperable with other Crestron solutions such as Crestron Flex Video Conferencing
        • Interoperable with displays, PTZ cameras and other complimentary devices
        • Multiple purpose-built options
        • Create autonomous rooms, completely independent of other infrastructure.

        Crestron software-based control

        • Delivers same functionality as a hardware-based control system with significant cost and management efficiencies
        • Limitless possibilities for maximizing room efficiencies
        • Deploy up to 500 standardized room types from a single server
        • Leverage existing IT infrastructure for redundancy and fault tolerance
        • Simplify installation: Virtual Control Pre-Installed on a Dell PC
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        The choice of organizations from U.S. Military to Fortune 500 companies.
        "The Crestron Control System allows us to use all of our existing technology and third-party devices seamlessly. We are in the business of making the world a safer place and needed to make sure we have the most productive environment for those times of uncertainty."
        Serge Suponitskiy
        Chief Information Officer, Brosnan Risk Consultants LEARN MORE
        “As the ambitions of the SmartFacility ® continue to grow and I have no doubt that both Nucleus’ and Creston’s near limitless potential will ensure these ambitions become reality.”
        Rob Taylor
        Director, The 4GD SmartFacility LEARN MORE

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