Crestron Zūm

Wireless lighting control made easy

Experience lighting control at the speed of Zūm.

Zūm is a simple wireless lighting control system. Each device is thoughtfully engineered to work together seamlessly. Setup is as easy as “pair and play” with a tap of the dimmer or keypad, or from the iPhone® or Android™ app. Even better, Zūm is affordable and highly scalable. Start with one space, or several. Even add centralized network management.

Easy to Design

With just a few wireless “building block” devices, Crestron Zūm makes lighting control exceptionally simple to design. Use the same devices for standalone spaces and building-wide systems. No interface boxes, antennae, or programming are required.

Easy to Set Up

All Zūm devices intelligently “pair and play” with the tap of a keypad, dimmer, or mobile device. The Zūm app makes it easy to name and combine rooms, set scenes, optimize daylighting, set up a time clock for scheduled events, and execute temporary overrides.

Easy to Manage

Building-wide lighting control is just as easy as in-room lighting control. Simply snap the Zūm Network Bridge into the Zūm Load Controller that’s already installed in the room. Get centralized managment and control, and Zūm Cloud Services for every Zūm space.


Application Diagrams


Zūm Platform

Occupancy Sensor

Provides in-room automation and room usage data to Crestron Fustion Cloud

Zūm Load Controller

(Options: 0-10V, Relay, Plug, Universal Phase) Enables all system devices to communicate with each other - up to 1920W

Zūm Network Bridge

Snaps onto the Zūm Load Controller to set up and manage spaces remotely - covers 2.25 million sq. ft. without visible antennas

Zūm Keypad

Standard backbox installation, or stick battery powered Zūm keypad anywhere - even on glass or brick

Zūm Dimmer

Building-wide lighting control is just as easy as in-room lighting control.

Zūm Daylight Sensor

Automatically adjusts lighting based on natural light levels