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        Dedicated desk scheduling solutions for the modern workplace.
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        Hybrid work is driving a reinvention of the workplace. Traditional desks and offices are being replaced by hot desking and hoteling spaces. But hybrid workers need to know they’ll have a dedicated workspace when they come to the office. And you need to know what’s going on in those spaces.

        Now, Crestron extends all the benefits of room scheduling to the desk. Crestron desk scheduling solutions transform your existing desk areas and offices into fully schedulable workstations. Now, every workspace can be usable and booked.

        Desk Q

        Take the work out of finding a workspace

        Reserve on-the-spot with a tap on a compact touch screen or a quick scan of a QR code on your phone. Or reserve in advance to ensure you can get right down to work in your preferred space. Whatever your preference, Crestron desk scheduling solutions make it a simple, pleasing experience.

        Optimize your workspace utilization

        Our complete lineup of desk and room scheduling solutions enables you to have data access points across your organization. With a complete picture of your space utilization, you can make more informed real estate investment decisions.

        Manage from one dashboard

        Provision Crestron desk scheduling solutions through our XiO Cloud® technology management platform, and then simply plug the devices in wherever they live. Easily monitor and manage your deployment from the same interface where you manage all your Crestron devices. Ensure all devices are online. Manage firmware upgrades. Monitor the health of devices across your organization. All at scale.  

        Designed to support the most popular platforms

        Seamless integration with your favorite scheduling software enables you to maximize your investment in Crestron desk scheduling solutions and smooth the way to employee adoption. Microsoft 365® software and Tango Reserve by AgilQuest solutions will be supported at launch. Look for a steady stream of support for other platforms. Have a favorite? Let us know and we’ll work to add it to our partner list.

        Find the right product for every space

        With their elegant, unobtrusive design, Crestron desk scheduling solutions fit the aesthetic of any office, ensuring your deployments look purposeful, rather than like a bolted-on afterthought.

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        Crestron Desk Q

        Highly visible LED status indicator with convenient QR code identifier. Ideal for open workspaces, community workstations, “in-and-out” and “quick grab” workstations.

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        Crestron Desk Touch

        Miniature touch screen scheduling panel. Ideal for cubicles, semi-private offices, where people book regularly and for longer.


        Crestron desk scheduling solutions help you optimize schedulable spaces of every type.

        Semi-private offices

        Semi-private spaces, such as cubicles, are often a hot commodity. Crestron Desk Touch provides an elegant scheduling solution to ensure these spaces are easily accessible to the hybrid workforce.

        Hot desking

        Hot desking is a great way to maximize space in today’s modern workplace. Crestron Desk Q ensures you can easily reserve spaces ahead of time or quickly find a place to work. And organizations can be sure they have enough space to accommodate their employees.

        Flex space

        Take hot desking a step further by giving each seat its own miniature scheduling panel. Perfect for people who may utilize a single desk more frequently, or even for executive-level employees who may need more functionality for their scheduling needs.

        New to scheduling?
        We’re not.

        We’re the world’s largest manufacturer of room scheduling hardware. Crestron desk scheduling solutions bring our 15 years of expertise to the desk and other bookable spaces.

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        Solutions at work

        Crestron desk scheduling solutions are ideal for organizations with large hot desking areas or with a high and/or growing proportion of hybrid workers. Deployment is simple and easy to integrate into your office workflow. Crestron desk scheduling solutions can be readily added to existing hot desk areas with little downtime.

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        Crestron solutions help organizations of every kind work smarter and more effectively in today’s hybrid world.

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        Legacy institutions and state-of-the-art facilities both leverage the capability and scalability of Crestron products.

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        Every branch of the military, as well as a multitude of government agencies worldwide rely on Crestron technology.

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