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        The IoT-based platform for the modern, intelligent workplace


        Reduce installation time by up to 90%


        Configure up to thousands of devices in the same time it takes to configure one


        Resolve events remotely to improve device uptime


        Gather actionable usage data to optimize people, space, and technology, with no programming

        Built on the Microsoft® Azure® platform

        Crestron was chosen as the Microsoft 2018 IoT Partner of the Year based on the innovative way Crestron XiO Cloud is tying together the E2E cloud to device experience to improve the modern, intelligent workplace.

        Deploy quickly

        Easily implement new workplace technology

        Manage remotely

        Update settings and firmware remotely

        • Change setting once, update everywhere immediately
        • Update firmware on all devices at once – security fixes in minutes
        • Cloud audit logs enable quick problem identification and solution

        Monitor instantly

        Instant notification and remote implementation

        • View live status of thousands of devices from anywhere at any time
        • Know of any change on a device within seconds
        • No need for extra configuration tools

        Evolve confidently

        Design your workplace technology around your team

        • Interactive dashboards provide real-world usage data
        • Gather data with zero programming
        • Optimize your workplace technology experiences

        From chip to cloud, Crestron solutions are designed for big data. Intel® technology inside Crestron Flex UC solutions and DM NVX® AV-over-IP products transmits actionable usage data to Crestron XiO Cloud and enables centralized monitoring.

        Simple, flexible room-based pricing

        You asked, we listened. Now, you can purchase the Crestron XiO Cloud service on a monthly basis, with pricing based on the number of rooms and service options you select. Each service was developed to suit the needs of different users and ensure that they can deliver the best possible experience and white glove-level service in every space.
        Endpoint Management
        (required for each room)

        Provision devices in a room before installation, without going on site. Endpoint management will allow you to manage firmware, settings, and programs on all devices in a room, with complete log of all changes making it easy to set up and continue to manage any space.


        Provide white glove help desk functionality to support end users and keep spaces up and running, without running to them. Support includes remote control of touch screens (TSS, TSW, Crestron Flex) allowing for step by step assistance or testing remotely, alerts for device status changes, and device technical dashboards.

        Workplace Analytics

        Understand how spaces are being used, and by how many people. Workplace analytics will provide enhanced dashboards allowing you to best understand how rooms and systems are being used. These include system usage versus occupancy, and new people counting and room capacity functionality to understand how many people are actually using rooms versus their current capacity. This service will be a Beta version at launch.


        Easily integrate XiO Cloud service with your preferred Business Intelligence platform or other management tools to gain more powerful actionable insights. Using a Standard REST API, XiO Cloud can work with a full range of other business tools to ensure that your systems are utilized in an optimal fashion.

        Service Key features Room price per month (Advertised price)
        Endpoint Management (required)
        • Provision offsite
        • Manage remotely
        • Support remotely
        • Receive alerts
        • Incident dashboards
        Workplace Analytics
        • Receive actionable usage data
        Beta version provided at launch
        API Access
        • Easily integrate with preferred Business Intelligence or management tools
        Total monthly cost per room (If all Services Selected)   $8
        *North American pricing shown, please select a service to see local pricing.

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        Crestron XiO Cloud supported products

        The following devices are supported by the Crestron XiO Cloud® service as of release version 11.
        Note: The level of Crestron XiO Cloud functionality available varies by device. New Crestron XiO Cloud functions may be added for devices in future firmware updates.
        Workplace Solutions
        Control Systems
        Video Distribution
        Audio Distribution
        Touch Screens

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