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        Crestron Flex Scheduling

        One platform designed to maximize workflow and increase productivity

        Smooth the way to more productive days

        In today’s hybrid workplace, people come and go on different schedules. To keep everyone working efficiently and productively, it’s essential to integrate room scheduling into your workplace design.

        A pillar of the Crestron Flex digital workplace platform, Crestron Flex Scheduling lets your workforce quickly book the right space with the right technology. All while helping you manage occupation density and providing utilization data for better real estate planning.

        Book from anywhere

        There are more types of spaces in the workplace than ever. Crestron Flex Scheduling gathers them all on one convenient platform. Quickly identify what you need and determine availability. Book from your desk, on your personal device, or on the spot using our enterprise-grade scheduling panels.

        Easily locate and check in

        Illuminated indicators and wayfinding integration help your teams and guests quickly locate rooms. Scheduling panels outside rooms and in-room signage display availability and schedule. Check in to your meeting with just an RFID badge scan.

        Take the work out of finding a workspace

        Crestron desk scheduling products transform your existing desk areas and offices into fully schedulable workstations. Book on-the-spot with a tap on a compact touch screen or a quick scan of a QR code on your phone. Or book in advance to ensure you can get right down to work in your preferred space. Whatever your preference, Crestron desk scheduling solutions make it a simple, pleasing experience.

        Gather intelligence, reallocate real estate, drive productivity

        Get detailed insights on which spaces are being used, how they’re being used, and by whom so you can make sure spaces are right-sized, occupied, and fully functional.

        Choose your solutions

        Crestron Flex Scheduling offers a range of options to help you facilitate the flow of people and information.

        Scheduling Panels

        Choose from a range of models to suit every application.

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        Availability Indicators

        Easily customize to display different colors for different room status: available, occupied, needs to be cleaned, etc.

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        RFID Badge Scanners

        Check in to your meeting with just a simple scan of your RFID badge.

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        Occupancy Sensors

        Gather usage data and, in the event of no shows, communicate directly with touch screens to instantly refresh room status and return to inventory.

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        Choose your application

        Crestron Flex Scheduling natively integrates with most third-party scheduling applications for a seamless experience across your organization. And only Crestron lets you decouple your hardware from your software so you can easily change applications when your needs change.

        Streamline installation, monitoring, and management – securely and at scale

        • Single cable PoE+ installation
        • Dual USB
        • Supports full range of security standards including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, SSH, and SFTP
        • Simple web-based setup – no programming required
        • Set up once, scale as needed via XiO Cloud® technology operations management platform
          • Remotely control any touch screen

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