Manage the flow of people and ideas

        Crestron Room Scheduling

        Smooth the way to a better experience – for everyone

        Crestron room scheduling does more than make it easy to book a space.

        It gathers intelligence, facilitates productivity, opens up possibilities so that your organization keeps moving. And it does it all easily and effectively at every touch point–from installation to operation.

        Enjoy the freedom to change direction without changing hardware.

        Crestron lets you decouple your software from your hardware so you can change applications as your needs change. Nothing stands in the way of the growth of your organization.

        Streamline installation, management and monitoring – securely and at scale

        • Single cable PoE+ installation
        • Dual USB
        • A full range of security standards including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, SSH, and SFTP
        • Web-based set up (no programming required)
        • Set up once, scale up through Crestron XiO Cloud® – A cloud based management platform that enables:
          • Set up once, scale up to mass room deployment and management
          • Remote control of any touch screen

        A window onto a superior level of performance, responsiveness, and options

        Directly Connect — Built-in Crestron software directly connects to most popular calendaring platforms from Microsoft, Google, Ad Astra, and CollegeNET

        Choose your application

        Partner Software — Simply select a partner from the grid below and run whichever experience works best for you now knowing you can always change in the future

        Choose your solution

        Crestron Room Scheduling offers a range of options to help you facilitate the flow of people and information

        Learn more about the Room Scheduling lineup

        Gather intelligence, reallocate spaces, drive increased productivity

        The combination of Crestron XiO Cloud® and occupancy sensors set the stage for optimizing your investments in space and technology.

        Occupancy sensors deliver insights into room usage and density while also automatically releasing booked rooms back into inventory.

        Crestron XiO Cloud management platform offers interactive dashboards with real-world usage data. Intelligence you can gather with no programming necessary.


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        Mullion Mount Kit

        For 7” and 10” Touch Screens

        Black | White

        Multisurface Kit

        For 7” Touch Screens

        Black | White

        For 10” Touch Screens:

        Black | White

        Multisurface Kit, Angled

        For 7” and 10” Touch Screens

        Black | White


        For 7”Touch Screens

        Black | White

        For 10” Touch Screens

        Black | White

        Room Availability Hallway Sign

        Wall Mount | Ceiling

        Room Availability Hallway Indicator

        Wall Mount

        PoE Occupancy Sensor

        Wall Mount

        Crestron Room Scheduling

        A complete scheduling platform that’s easy to install, manage and maintain, with the power to promote productivity.

        The Complete Lineup

        Touch Screen Panels, Indicators, Occupancy Sensors, 15+ scheduling partners.

        A better way of booking

        Crestron Room Scheduling does more than book a room.

        Optimzing with Crestron Room Scheduling

        Explore the capabilities of the Crestron scheduling and the value a complete scheduling solution brings to organizations – featuring Mircosoft® and Juniper Networks.