YES. Any network, any ask. DM NVX says yes. 

        Every picture perfect every time. 

        All-new Pixel Perfect Processing technology makes DM NVX™ the only AV solution that delivers a perfect image every time. Now the finest detail can be revealed in the densest image. Technology so advanced, you won’t be able to tell the difference between DM NVX and direct source.  

        AV-OVER-IP WHITE PAPERUnderstanding and evaluating this technology Read the full white paper
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        “Born of hundreds of thousands of engineering hours and  testing time, new DM NVX with Pixel Perfect Processing  was designed to deliver the best performing network AV  solution available today."

         - Fred Bargetzi, Crestron CTO

        Every format. Every type of content. Less time. Less money. Yes. 

        Multi-layered technology ensures that DM NVX works with whatever network you have, whatever content you have. With DM NVX all of your information (not just some of it, is routed through a single unit. Providing you greater flexibility, lower costs, and time to spare.  Click on any point to explore how multi-layered technology routes every type of content through the system:
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        Every movement, every event synced in real time. Yes.  

        Experience imperceivably complete responsive technology. DM NVX is so responsive to the touch on a mouse, keyboard, camera, smart board that it feels like an extension of you. DM NVX provides synchronized life experiences so every live event on every device is synced in real time.  
        “In my opinion, NVX is the future of AV Integration.."

         - Joe Ness, Director of Entertainment, Electronics and Media,
        Peppermill Resort Hotel, Reno NV
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        Every need met. YES. 

        4k60, 4:4:4, HDR. Yes. Pixel perfect processing. Yes. Flexible. Yes. DM NVX is an ecosystem of five components each with unique functionality that act as one. Choose the features you need without sacrificing performance or interoperability. DM NVX is everything you need, nothing you don’t. Compare every DM NVX product of the ecosystem

        DM NVX 351 & 352

        Encoder/ Decoder UPoE

        Advanced Audio Options

        Learn more

        DM NVX 350

        Encoder/ Decoder


        Learn more

        DM NVX E30 & D30

        Encoder or Decoder


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        NEW! DM NVX D80



        Learn more
        The DM NVX D80 is the newest addition to the DM NVX product portfolio. The only Network AV solution with Pixel Perfect Processing. A technology so advanced, every picture is perfect every time.

        DM NVX Director is Your Mission Control. Yes.  

        Configure, monitor and manage every NVX endpoint network wide with DM NVX Director. Transport video at the highest standard across standard Ethernet infrastructure. It’s a single, simple, management system. 
        1 Real-time device monitoring and configuration
        2 Real-time signal routing
        3 Real-time control

        Every Network. Yes. Secured. Yes.  

        DM NVX works with 100% of all existing networks. And partners with best in breed technology. Microsoft POY Cloud IoT tools. Intel. intoPIX. And every product is built to the strictest guidelines to ensure the greatest security. 

        JITC Certified

        DM NVX is the first and only AV-over-IP solution to receive JITC certification and FIPS 140-2 validation, the U.S. federal government’s two most rigorous security standards. This clears the way for DM NVX to be safely deployed in the most secure information network infrastructures.

        AES Encryption

        Ensures secure audio and video transmission. The same protocol banks use to protect transactions on the Internet.

        802.1x Authentication

        Ensures that every device on the network is explicitly authorized by the IT department.

        Active Directory®

        Centralized credential management ensures that only authorized users gain access, even as administrators join or leave the organization.

        PKI Authentication

        Cryptographically authenticates specific devices and enable secure key exchanges needed for effective AES encryption.

        SSH Network Protocol

        Unlike Telenet, DM NVX encrypts and protects command line communications.


        The secure version of HTTP, HTTPS encrypts the data sent between your web browser and the DM NVX web configuration interface, ensuring the privacy and integrity of exchanged data. The “S” at the end of HTTPS stands for “Secure”.

        Secure CIP

        Ensures communications between Crestron control processors and DM NVX devices are secure.


        Secure File transfer protocol.


        TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provides end-to-end communications security over networks and is widely used for internet communications and online transactions. It is an IETF standard intended to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery. TLS is used to secure all communications between their Web servers and browsers regardless of whether sensitive data is being transmitted.

        Learn more

        To learn more about security, click here.

        Network flexibility

        DM NVX is the 1 gigabit solution that works with any network, any application, any design

        Layer 3 Compatibility

        DM NVX is capable of transporting data to different sub networks

        Constant Bit Rate (CBR)

        Constant bit rate provides a predictable environment without surprises. A simple design process makes DM NVX more reliable in the long-term, helping to avoid outages in the future.

        PoE+ & UPoE

        One cable provides both power and network connection for easy deployment. E30 & D30 are PoE+ and 350, 351, 352 are UPoE

        Quality of Service

        DM NVX provides quality of service support using standard protocols.

        Forward Error Correction

        Ensures that Pixel Perfect video is maintained, no matter the environment. FEC inserts redundant data into the message to ensure that even if some packets of information are corrupted or lost, the receiver will still get all the essential data. FEC is commonly used for broadcast studio transmissions. FEC ensures that your 4K60 signal/image is always perfect and immune to common interference.

        XiO Cloud Compatible

        DM NVX connects to the Crestron XiO Cloud IoT management tool, making deploying, managing, monitoring, and evolving devices painless. It can all be done remotely via a web dashboard.

        Every application. YES.  

        From entertainment to educational, enterprise to entrepreneurial DM NVX offers organizations simple, sophisticated and secure solutions. 

        Reliable. Flexible. Scalable. Affordable. Secure.

        DM NVX says yes. Here are some companies that have said yes to DM NVX:

        Every Product Tested. Yes. 

        Every part of every component is tested in state-of-the art lab environments. 
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        Download DM NVX Series Resources


        AV-over-IP Preferred Partner

        Our AV-over-IP Preferred Partners are a select group of dealers expert in AV-over-IP deployment. They recognize DM NVX is the standard for AV-over-IP and have helped make it the market leader.


        DM NVX supports the lossless transport of 7.1 surround sound audio signals, and stereo audio breakaway, across your entire network. Dante and AES67 support or an onboard DSP for downmixing are available on select models.


        Route any audio signal on the network. Each unit can be configured to accept any stream on the network, providing infinite flexibility. Route audio independently of video.


        Delivers lossless transport of 7.1 surround sound across your network, along with 2-channel stereo audio. Select models support Dante and AES67.

        • Stereo 2-Channel
        • Dolby Digital®
        • Dolby Digital EX
        • Dolby Digital Plus
        • Dolby® TrueHD
        • Dolby Atmos®, DTS®
        • DTS-ES
        • DTS 96/24
        • DTS-HD High Res
        • DTS-HD Master Audio
        • LPCM up to 8 channels
        • Dante
        • AES67


        DM NVX 351 downmixes 7.1 and 5.1 channel to 2 channels. Ideal for playback of a blur ray or dvd (compressed audio) in a boardroom.


        DM NVX 352 Dante audio distribution for ultimate flexibility in distributing audio throughout the network. These units combine seamlessly with the Avia DSP-1283 or any Dante audio hardware.


        Select models support AES-67 audio distribution for ultimate flexibility in distributing audio throughout the network. These units combine seamlessly with the Avia DSP-1283 or any AES audio hardware.

        Physical Connectivity

        Audio can be shared via HDMI and 5-Pin Phoenix connectors. Select models offer additional flexibility with multiple HDMI ports and Dante/AES67 compatibility from the network. Encoders share audio onto the network from local inputs, while decoders receive audio from the network or local inputs.


        DM NVX is the only network AV solution featuring Pixel Perfect Processing. Picture perfect no matter what format is shown. With a range of flexible options, DM NVX is the standard for network AV.


        Route any video signal on the network. Each unit can be configured to accept any stream on the network, providing infinite flexibility.


        Full range of format support from 480i to 4k 60 4:4:4, HDR, all delivered with pixel perfect processing

        • 480i
        • 720p
        • 1080i
        • 1080p
        • 4K 4:2:0
        • 4K 4:4:4
        • 4K w/ HDR


        Encoders (transmitters) provide one or two HDMI inputs, depending on the model. Decoders (receivers) have a DM NVX stream input and an optional HDMI input, depending on the model.


        Decoders output an HDMI signal with optional scaling (350, 351 & 352). Encoders output a single DM NVX stream via the network.

        Video Wall Processing

        DM NVX supports video wall processing with no special hardware required. DM NVX can support 64 total displays, creating an 8x8 wall, with fully-adjustable zoom capability and bezel compensation.


        DM NVX has USB 2.0 routing for use with a wide range of peripherals, which allows for great flexibility in network design and use of less hardware


        Route USB anywhere on the network seamlessly allowing for efficient system design. USB routing is bi-directional, allowing full communication between devices on both ends of the network. USB signals can be routed independently of another AV within each unit.


        Full USB 2.0 support for all of your devices - mouse, keyboards, cameras, ID readers, PC, printers, thumb drives, hard drives, video game controllers and more.

        BI Directional

        Route in either direction, regardless of whether the DM NVX is in Transmitter or Receiver mode


        USB signals can be freely routed between DM NVX and USB-EXT-DM units over Ethernet, allowing for even greater flexibility in system design. Use these units where only USB connectivity is needed

        Physical Connectivity

        USB 2.0 host and device ports are provided on DM NVX units 350, 351, 352, USB-EXT-DM


        DM NVX is the 1Gb solution that works with any network, any application, any design.

        Fixed Bandwidth

        Determinative network design allows for IT friendly configuration around a fixed bandwidth size per endpoint, guaranteeing a quality picture. Networks must be designed to support defined bandwidths for certain devices in order to function properly between endpoints and the backplane.

        Power Options

        All endpoints can be powered via a network connection, allowing for single cable deployments. Select models support PoE+, while others are UPOE.


        Designed to function in the most secure environments, a full range of enterprise security features that IT demands come standard. Every device on the network must be secure down to the device level to guarantee security, so DM NVX supports:

        • AES encryption
        • 802.1x authentication
        • Active Directory®
        • PKI authentication
        • SSH Network Protocol
        • HTTPS
        • Secure CIP
        • SFTP
        • TLS

        IT Friendly

        AV and IT approved, DM NVX conforms to the network protocols that IT professionals demand, making installation on the network seamless.

        • Layer 3 Compatibility
        • Fixed Bandwidth
        • POE+ & UPOE
        • SNMP Compatible
        • QoS
        • Security Scan
        • Forward Error Correction


        By design, DM NVX uses standard network protocols and should be compatible with any switch that meets our minimum requirements. Addtionally, optional SFP modules allow DM NVX to connect to fiber networks. Not sure which switch to use, refer to this link


        DM NVX can expand control across your network, using standard protocols, allowing for even more flexibility. One box does more, so systems are more efficient and easier to manage.


        Select models provide a RJ45 port. Use the second RJ45 port to deliver control signals to a local device via the network. This allows for greater flexibility in deploying control to endpoints.

        IR & RS232

        Through its Ethernet connection to the control system, the endpoint provides a gateway for controlling displays, cameras, and other devices via its built-in RS-232 and IR ports. Simply connect the devices to the DM NVX and configure via the control system.


        By harnessing the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) signal embedded in HDMI, endpoints can eliminate the need for additional connections to the display and deliver control of the network via HDMI.

        Physical Connectivity

        Endpoints deliver control via IR & RS-232 ports, CEC via HDMI. Control can also be delivered via the network when using the secondary RJ45 port on select models to bring a network connection to secondary local devices.

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