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        Crestron has the education technology you need to thrive in our new reality. These most-needed solutions will also help you meet the parameters to qualify for CARES Act funding:

        Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

        Hybrid learning classrooms

        New or existing learning spaces can now be outfitted for remote participation. Additionally, sources can easily be routed to your lecture capture or recording software.

        Touch-free rooms

        Our complete room systems will automatically start up and shut down based on occupancy, thus eliminating any physical contact.

        Mobile UC carts

        Our mobile Crestron Flex R-Series Rapid Deployment Collaboration System was designed to provide a shared resource that will help you stretch your budget

        Transforming Classrooms Around the World

        In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, schools and universities need to meet the demand for high-performance technology both in and out of the classroom. With Crestron technology on your campus, easy-to-use tools for teachers and professors are literally at their fingertips.  One tap on an intuitive touch screen streams a video, displays a document, broadcasts a lecture, or begins recording a lesson that can later be distributed to distance learners. Crestron systems support hundreds of rooms within a building or across a campus while leveraging existing infrastructure.  Remote management capabilities cut down on the time spent troubleshooting technology so that your students can fully utilize their time in class.  Crestron enables your educators and staff to focus on providing a high-quality learning experience with technology that simply works.  Join the world’s leading academic institutes by becoming a Crestron Connected Campus.

        Enhanced Classrooms

        Ditch the chalkboard and enhance your classrooms with cutting-edge Crestron technology.  Crestron offers easy-to-use solutions that increase classroom uptime.  Teachers or professors can begin a presentation with one touch of a touch screen or by simply plugging a single cable into their laptop.  Time lost untangling cables or finding the right connector is a thing of the past when one cable controls everything!  With state-of-the-art wireless presentation technology, students can show off their new project by streaming zero-latency uncompressed 4K/60 video from their phone or tablet straight to the classroom’s display.  In small group collaboration sessions, students simply connect their devices to share information faster than ever before.

        Intelligent Auditoriums

        With Crestron technology, your educators can walk in to their next lecture fully confident that they won’t lose any class time due to finicky technology. Intelligent room scheduling capabilities ensure that the scene is set the moment the session begins. The touch screen outside the room shows the room is in use and the title of the lecture is printed across the screen for wayward students seeking the correct room.  The lights in the auditorium turn on and are warmed up to full brightness, the room adjusts to a pleasant temperature, and the shades are drawn for a minimum of distractions.  Setting up the presentation is as simple as pressing the one-touch meeting start button on the touch screen to the side of the podium.  The AV system automatically selects the input source and immediately the presentation is displayed on the room’s screen.  In the time it took to open a laptop, the lecture is ready to begin.

        Learning in Common Spaces

        Campuses are made up of more than just classrooms and lecture halls.  Residence halls, libraries, on-campus eateries, and student lounges have become extended classrooms in which students collaborate on group projects, complete labs, and discuss lectures.  With Crestron technology, students can stream live or recorded lectures while sipping their favorite coffee beverage, wirelessly share information, and present their research on a local display.  Your institute can also utilize these displays to get the word out about a new event or to broadcast important information across the entire campus.

        Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Education

        Presentation Systems

        Displaying a wired or wireless presentation is as easy as selecting an input source. Crestron employs cutting-edge technology that requires just one cable or a wireless link to the presentation device to connect the source to the display.


        Crestron gives you full control over video sources and screens throughout the campus. Featuring 4K scaling and high-resolution streaming video, Crestron delivers dynamic video systems with a user-friendly control interface.

        Collaboration Tools

        Crestron provides out-of-the-box, scalable videoconferencing solutions to suit every need.

        Enterprise Management System

        Centralizing management, monitoring, and control is easy with a Crestron Enterprise Management System. Remotely troubleshoot systems, turn off lights for energy efficiency, and much more on one easy-to-use platform.


        Crestron audio systems feature simple source control and distribution. High-resolution audio and high-definition speakers deliver a robust audio experience in any or many classrooms, lecture halls, and common spaces.

        Room Scheduling Touch Screens

        Specially designed room scheduling touch screens optimize room booking and usage across your campus. Book an ad hoc meeting, remove a lecture that ended early from the calendar, and set up office hours on a recurring weekly schedule – all from the touch screen’s intuitive interface.

        Education, Near or Far

        Learning spaces are no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom. Every year, more and more academic institutions are developing curriculums for distance learners. Crestron offers a multitude of tools that guarantee distance learners experience class, collaborate, and share information in real time, without regard for geographical distance. Cutting-edge, dynamic technologies facilitate videoconferencing with high-quality audio and video, lecture recording, streaming video, and remote presentation from any of the connected laptops or mobile devices. Although class occurs digitally, Crestron technology creates an environment in which students and teachers can collaborate, interact, and communicate just as though they were in the same room!

        Centralized Management & Control

        The world-class Enterprise Management System (EMS) from Crestron delivers superior, reliable control and management of all the technologies on your campus right to your computer. Turn off the lights in unused rooms, track energy usage throughout the building, and troubleshoot the blanked projector in the classroom down the hall without even leaving your office! Crestron systems are so powerful that your IT manager may know that a projector lamp is about to go out before it even happens. Identify unused rooms, generate cost-saving reports, and create calendar-based schedules that boost energy efficiency. Crestron helps you choose the EMS that is perfect for your needs and then customizes the system and programming to your campus. With 24/7 support and specialized training for on-site staff members who work with the EMS, a brighter future for your campus is only a phone call away.

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