Education Technology Solutions
        Partnering with colleges, universities, and K-12 schools to provide engaging experiences for 21st century students & faculty.

        Standardized solutions on a single platform provide the best learning outcomes

        Only Crestron can deliver the learning technology you need today, while also setting you up to accommodate the new learning methods of tomorrow. Crestron brings it all together with ease on a simple, consistent, repeatable scale for a single building or an entire campus or school district.

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        Esports Lab
        Medical Simulation Lab
        Teaching Kitchen
        Common Area
        Active Learning Space

        Classroom technology puts the power in the instructor’s hands

        Consider the ways technology will enhance the communication of the course material from the faculty to the students. It should not detract from learning or make teaching more difficult. It should offer an excellent user experience for instructors whether the room is being used for the very first time or has been used all semester.

        Active learning creates great learning outcomes

        With Crestron active learning solutions, you’ll have the best AV experience with access to video conferencing, wireless presentation, and smart room control — from any device. ​Whether you are creating a small recording space, a customized teaching kitchen, an active learning classroom, or a seminar room, Crestron has solutions to raise the bar.

        Multipurpose spaces offer more flexibility with technology

        Large, custom, and multipurpose spaces that bring people together — both in person and remote — are more complicated than standard classrooms. From video conferencing and AV distribution, to control and management, to third-party product integration, Crestron makes the complex educational spaces easy.

        Experiential learning enhances impactful and immersive environments

        Combine hands-on experience with reflection to better connect the knowledge students gain in the classroom to real-world situations. These learning spaces pair instructional technology with immersive tools and active teaching models in labs, design centers, mock manufacturing areas, broadcasting, and training rooms.

        Manage your educational technology from one place

        XiO Cloud® technology operations management platform gives you what you need to keep every space around the district or on campus working smoothly. Remote support, maintenance of technology standards, device management, and enhanced insights into usage data and space utilization metrics — all drivers of the most important decisions being made on campus.

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        Thousands of schools globally, from primary education to community colleges to prestigious research schools, have come to depend on Crestron as the industry leader of education technology. Providing the right tools for their faculty results in more engaged students, better learning outcomes, flexibility for future teaching methods, and the ability to support the technology remotely from across the campus or school district. Contact us to schedule a conversation with other institutions who use Crestron.

        "Crestron has constantly proven itself to be the leading-edge, best, and most reliable technology, which is WHY we keep coming back and installing their solutions.”
        Christopher Wilson
        IT Infrastructure and Media Ops,
        Liberty University

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