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        Designer Keypads

        Sophistication meets customizable control

        When it comes to keypads, one size and shape doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer them in an expansive variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, materials, and button configurations to complement any décor and meet the specific control needs of any space.

        Horizon® keypads

        Designed to match Horizon dimmers, switches, receptacles, and thermostats, Horizon keypads deliver a beautiful look and customizable control in any space. Meticulously engineered to deliver a pleasing tactile response with each press, they feature fully programmable buttons and color backlighting that illuminates the high-quality custom laser-engraved buttons for enhanced readability under any lighting conditions.

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        Cameo® keypads

        The most luxurious or contemporary interiors are perfect candidates for Cameo flush mount keypads, available in a wide array of button configurations to suit your specific needs. Choose from five textured, color-matched faceplates, or step up to the Elegance collection of solid metal faceplates, available in a range of elegant designer finishes.

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        Partner keypads with Crestron Connected® technology

        Crestron drives innovation and design by partnering with industry-leading, cutting-edge manufacturers across the globe to provide seamless technology integration.

        Black nova

        Black Nova keypads embody the fusion of exquisite Italian design, premium materials, and innovative technology.

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        Arkadia delivers on the promise of beautiful form and connected functionality. Imaginative, elegantly Italian-designed keypads.

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        Vitrea VTouch keypads add chic, modern control to Crestron smart homes.

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        Rhombus Europe

        Rhombus Europe offers beautiful custom switches and sockets that express the individuality of your interior; they incorporate technical expertise into exquisite designs.

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        Tyba keypads add style and finesse with their uncluttered configurable interface, intuitive rotary control, and clean design.

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