Horizon keypads and Dimmers
        A new sensation in smart home control

        Control that feels as good as it looks

        A pleasing tactile response with each button press. Sophisticated contemporary design. Advanced functionality. Horizon® keypads and dimmers bring it all together with elegance to elevate your lifestyle and accentuate your décor.

        Designed for more than just lighting control

        Adjust your window shades. Set the room temperature. See the status of your door locks and alarms with a quick glance. Select your favorite entertainment sources. With Horizon, convenient, intuitive control is always on the button.

        The beauty is in the uncompromising details

        • Clean, refined designer finish
        • Subtle button protrusion for texture and button feel
        • Multiple color and finish options
        • Customizable backlight color for each button
        • Custom engraving to meet the needs of each space

        The finishing touch

        To complement the most luxurious and contemporary interiors, Horizon keypads, dimmers, and accessories are available in white, black, and almond with textured finishes that deliver a pleasing tactile experience. Other elegant finishes are on the way — more details to be released soon.

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        Because perfect control is different for everyone

        Horizon gives you six button configuration options, a variety of button styles, and high-quality custom laser-engraved text to create the perfect keypad or dimmer for every space and taste.

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        Bright as a button

        Customizable color backlighting illuminates the engraved button text for enhanced visibility. You can make it even easier to see by setting pressed buttons to glow up to three times brighter than inactive buttons. Assign buttons their own color theme. Choose the “dim to warm” theme to automatically set the button backlight to cooler or warmer, based on the intensity of the ambient light. Or, in Crestron Home, choose circadian to have it adjust based on the time of day.

        Matching accessories

        With matching Horizon keystones and faceplates — available now — you can enjoy a beautiful, consistent look throughout your home. Coming soon, matching Horizon outlets will offer convenient charging and power access wherever you need it. Faceplates for decorative-style outlets are also on the way.

        The Crestron Advantage

        With Horizon, you’re getting a lot more than a keypad; you’re getting seamless access to the powerful Crestron Home® platform and the entire Crestron product line. Network audio and video. Audiophile-quality speakers and amplifiers. Lighting and climate control. Silent motorized shades. Health & wellness solutions. And more. All while complementing the décor throughout your home.

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        Horizon keypads and dimmers are equally at home in any space.


        With customizable Horizon keypads and dimmers, the complete Crestron smart home experience is always at your command. With so many configurations to choose from, you’ll find an elegant option to suit every space and need in your home.

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        Put lights, shades, temperature, and audio control in your guests’ hands with stylish Horizon designer keypads and dimmers. Turn stressful business trips into relaxing leisure stays, and new visitors into repeat guests with the delightful experience that awaits them the moment they enter their room.

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        With integrated lighting, shades, audio, video, climate, security, and more, Crestron creates the contemporary solution for the modern superyacht. Horizon keypads and dimmers put control of all of it at your fingertips.

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