Residential Lighting Solutions

        CAMEO® Keypads

        Versatile, stylish, customizable control

        The most luxurious and contemporary interiors are perfect candidates for Cameo® keypads, available in a wide array of button configurations and finishes to suit your specific needs.

        Cameo Keypads

        A favorite choice for lighting and AV control

        Stylish and exquisitely simple, yet highly customizable, Cameo keypads easily install alongside other standard low-voltage in-wall devices. The option of wired or wireless connectivity allows easy, flexible installation in both new and existing homes. Choose from 12 color-matched textured or smooth decorator-style faceplates and versatile button combinations/sizes. Most models feature customizable backlit engraving.


        Cameo Flush Mount Keypads

        Modern design meets modern function

        Looking for an advanced custom keypad control solution in an incredibly compact, slim profile design? Cameo flush mount keypads cover all the bases. Stylish and versatile, they feature a clean, flush finish, so there are no protruding edges. Choose from the optional Elegance collection of solid metal faceplates for a contemporary appearance in a range of luxurious designer color finishes and button combinations/sizes with customizable backlit engraving.


        Elegance Faceplates and Finishes

        for Cameo flush mount and international keypads

        Low-profile and engineered to exceed the highest standards, stylish Elegance faceplates for Cameo flush mount keypads are so slim they practically hug the wall. Precisely engineered from solid metal with a one-piece bezel, they’re available in a wide variety of lustrous finishes, each formulated to perfectly reflect your personal aesthetic and complement your home décor. White and paintable primer finishes are also available.

        Cameo Keypads – International

        For European and UK wall style boxes

        Tasteful and attractive in appearance, these flexible keypads are designed for installation in UK and European style wall boxes and can also be mounted into furniture without requiring a backbox. Optional architectural faceplates, also available in the Elegance line, offer a metallic accent for a sophisticated appearance in every environment. Choose from a range of versatile button combinations/sizes with customizable backlit engraving and white LED feedback indicators.


        CLWI Series


        The CLWI Series combines beautiful aesthetics with audio, lighting, and shading control from multiple locations around the home. Their customizable button layouts can be set to recall scenes, brighten and dim, adjust volume, and more. In white and anthracite finishes. Optional Niko faceplates add a selection of styles and finishes to match any decor.


        Niko Faceplates*

        Prefer faceplates that make a statement? Crafted of premium materials full of character, such as bamboo, stainless steel, and Bakelite® synthetic plastic, Niko faceplates deliver a refined look and sustainable finish.

        *Niko faceplates, excluding black and white, sold separately at

        Niko Faceplates

        Prefer faceplates that make a statement? Crafted of premium materials full of character, such as bamboo, stainless steel, and Bakelite, Niko faceplates for CLWI keypads deliver a refined look and sustainable finish.


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