Black Nova

        Black Nova keypads and touch panels embody the fusion of exquisite Italian design, premium materials, and innovative technology. Now Crestron Connected® devices, they offer seamless interoperability with Crestron smart home systems.
        The Black Nova ARIA®, ALBA®, and ANY® Collections further expand the stylish, advanced control options available to the Crestron smart home homeowner. They’re available in three distinctive collections.

        ARIA Collection

        A tribute to the minimalist aesthetics of the 20th century, combined with precise performance. Their straight lines, simple shapes, vivid colors, and perfect glass surfaces are a stylish match for any interiors.

        ALBA Collection

        The epitome of elegance and functionality. Large, easy-to-use buttons with engraved icons and text are flush with the design frame, creating a perfectly smooth surface. Available in 2 and 4-button configurations, and in stunning metal or glass finishes.


        ANY Collection

        The perfect canvas for the ultimate smart home experience. ANY touch panels combine striking design with an intuitive user interface. They’re packed with the latest sensors including proximity, gesture, ambient light, color, and temperature, so they literally feel your presence and needs.
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