Virtual Control Solutions for the Modern Workplace

        Your interface for an immersive in-room experience

        As schools and businesses adapt to the modern campus or workplace, with its emphasis on rooms that need ever-increasing tech solutions, the demand for control options that provide consistent user experiences is increasing. It’s critical that control solutions can handle a broad variety of applications, and scale quickly and easily. As a company or university grows, expanded control of those spaces can rapidly become an overwhelming concern for IT departments. The issues are obvious: How can we scale this effectively? How much will this cost? How do we manage the management system? What happens to all the “black boxes” we’ve already got in place?

        One solution is Virtual Control — a software-based product with the ability to scale up quickly and easily — such as Crestron’s VC-4.

        Virtual Control Solutions for the Modern Workplace, a new eBook from Crestron, can get you started in the right direction. You’ll learn everything you need to choose and deploy a single, centralized software package that has room for 500 spaces on one server — yet integrates easily into systems with existing hardware.

        The eBook includes guidance on:

        • The operational benefits of Virtual Control
        • Understanding the architecture of these solutions
        • How to enhance the user experience by deploying Virtual Control
        • How these solutions can save an organization time — and money