Crestron Virtual Control – VC-4: Streamline deployment and control of enterprise spaces at scale

        From a single room to a global enterprise, the Crestron VC-4 software-based control platform enables organizations to unify and control a growing number of devices intelligently and efficiently. VC-4 complements industry-leading Crestron hardware control systems – bringing together all the functionality of Crestron industry-leading hardware control systems with more efficient scalability.

        Design once, deploy many

        VC-4 is uniquely designed to support organizations that want to deploy and manage presentation rooms, conference rooms, or classrooms at scale, and run up to 500 rooms on a single server. It can store standard and customized room configurations in the Program Library, and then with the push of a button provision one, or dozens of rooms, remotely.

        Room control at your fingertips

        Crestron Control integrates all aspects of your in-room technology, such as DigitalMedia™ content distribution, Crestron Flex digital workplace technology, lighting, shading, thermostats, devices, peripherals, and more – into a single touch screen or keypad for a consistent, simple end user control experience.

        No new programing languages to learn

        Now, more than 20,000 Crestron programmers in the field can immediately deploy VC-4 by leveraging their existing SIMPL projects.

        Simplified ordering

        The VC-4 licensing model has been simplified to make ordering easier than ever. Simply order one single-room license SKU (VC-4-ROOM) for each room in your VC-4 installation to enjoy Crestron control benefits from that point forth. Additionally, managing VC-4 licenses from the XiO Cloud platform is now free (no longer requiring purchase of any XiO Cloud licenses). It is a tremendous value, especially for applications of 50 or more rooms.

        What you get with VC-4:

        Choice of provisioning and implementation architecture
        • Complements our industry-leading appliance-based control with an equally powerful software option
        Scale efficiently
        • Mass deployment at the press of a button
        IT-based architecture
        • Leverages existing IT infrastructure for redundancy and fault tolerance
        Secure by design with an on-site serve
        • Local data storage
        • Control over security patches and server maintenance
        • Supports enterprise-grade security protocols

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