Crestron + Korbyt
        Revolutionize Meeting Room Experiences

        Where Meeting Rooms Meet Innovation

        Unlock the extraordinary with Korbyt and Crestron — a partnership tailored for brilliance. Seamlessly integrate Korbyt’s dynamic signage with Crestron’s cutting-edge hardware to create an unparalleled fusion of technology, style, and impact. Elevate your messaging with a partnership that transforms screens into captivating experiences.

        All-in-One CMS

        Harness the creative power of the Korby Anywhere Content Management System (CMS) to craft and showcase captivating digital signage content. This powerful platform allows you to add a dynamic twist to your content. Each screen is tailored to its physical location/surroundings without you needing to manually create each variation of content, ensuring a dynamic and visually stunning display on your Crestron room scheduling panels for meeting and room reservations or on the room display via Crestron’s AirMedia® Wireless Presentation and Digital Signage solution. Engage your audience with ease, making every interaction a more impactful experience. Real-person, best-in-class support comes standard, with mission-critical support if needed.

        Extend Digital Signage to Meeting Room Displays

        Optimize your meeting room displays during downtime from presentations. Through Crestron’s AirMedia Wireless Presentation and Digital Signage solution, the room display/s can automatically showcase specific meeting room digital signage content, providing informative and activating material for employees when the screens are not in use for presentations.

        Room Reservations

        Simplify the process for employees to locate suitable rooms with the necessary equipment. Enable them to effortlessly book, extend, or cancel room reservations directly from your Crestron room scheduling panels and Korbyt.

        Touchless Mobile Experience

        Facilitate a contactless experience by implementing QR codes and scheduler displays in your Crestron powered meeting room. Empower users to perform actions like room reservations and wayfinding directly from their mobile devices.

        Integrations That Drive Productivity

        Select from many available integrations to craft seamless user experiences on Crestron devices or digital signage displays. These options range from calendars to enterprise systems and data, ensuring versatility to enhance your overall user experience.

        Targeted Meeting Room Messaging

        Leverage analytics and integrations to tailor content specifically for meeting room attendees. Ensure relevance by understanding their needs and preferences to create an atmosphere where your messaging resonates and captivates.

        Elevate Your Space, Engage with Impact, and Ignite New Possibilities

        Ready to revolutionize your space? Dive deeper into the transformative capabilities of Korbyt Digital Signage, in collaboration with Crestron, and discover how it can elevate your communication strategy.