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        Crestron + Korbyt

        Crestron touch screens are now available with Korbyt® software pre-installed, which provides users a true, rapid-deployment solution. You can now use every available screen in a Crestron equipped room as a digital signage opportunity to reach and engage with employees and visitors.

        Extend Communications to Crestron Scheduler and Meeting Displays

        Together, Crestron and Korbyt can help you make any space a productive use of your employee’s time. When your meeting room and room scheduling displays are not in use, maximize your reach and engage employees with targeted, digital signage content and information.

        Find and Reserve the Right Room for the Right Team

        Welcome employees back to your office by making their workday efficient and productive. Make it easy for them to find the right rooms with the right equipment and book, extend or cancel room reservations directly from your Crestron+Korbyt powered room scheduling displays.

        Touchless Mobile Experience

        Extend your digital employee experience into the hands of your workforce. Support a touchless experience by using QR codes on your Crestron-powered meeting room and scheduling displays to enable room reservations, wayfinding, and more from your employee’s mobile device.

        Create the workplace culture employees love and customers benefit from.

        Korbyt Anywhere is the workplace experience platform that makes it easy to reach and engage your workforce to deliver personalized, secure information to any enterprise communication channel or device. At the core of the Korbyt Anywhere platform is an intelligent content management system that enables you to create and publish content or data experiences to any of our omnichannel suite of products, and measure performance.


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