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        Crestron Flex Pods
        Scalable wireless audio

        Bring audio to the people

        We ask more from our workspaces than ever before. Needs change often, and rooms reconfigure just as frequently. Crestron Flex Pods have the flexibility to adapt to different meeting types, so everyone can hear and be heard clearly. Wireless, modular, and scalable, you can easily pair more or move them around to cover any space — no matter how the room is set up or people spread out.

        Meet in more rooms. With less hassle.

        Audio is the most essential part of any meeting. Crestron Flex Pods extend large spaces or uniquely shaped rooms and are easily rearranged with the furniture in multi-purpose rooms. And they let you bring mics and speakers to rooms not wired for audio, including BYOD spaces. Crestron Flex Pods add high-quality audio in your spaces, so you can collaborate your way — the potential is limitless, and the setup is effortless.

        Sound to every seat

        Easily maneuver Crestron Flex Pods so sound fills the entire room, while auto-mixed directional mics with 360-degree pickup, noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic gain compensation, capture every word. And everyone has mute, unmute, and volume control at their fingertips.

        Plug and play. Made to move.

        Just plug in a Crestron Flex Pods Hub via USB to your native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms® devices, connect Crestron Flex Pods with the push of a button, and your meeting’s ready to go — right out of the box. Can also be used with your own BYOD meeting solution. Plus, expand any setup by pairing more units just as easily as the first.

        Tech you can trust

        Crestron Flex Pods send audio up to 50’, and the highly secure DECT wireless transmission gives you total confidence the entire way. DECT doesn’t interfere with — or allow interference from — Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® signals, so Crestron Flex Pods only transmit from a paired Crestron Flex Pods Hub.

        Deploy to any location. Control from one.

        Firmware updates. Monitoring. Management. Crestron Flex Pods connect to the XiO Cloud® platform, so no matter how many room types you have or mix-and-match Crestron platforms you use, one familiar software — and one place — manages it all.

        Pick a space, any space

        Rooms large or small. Configurations temporary or permanent. Scheduled meetings or drop-in sessions. Any room or reason, Crestron Flex Pods make meeting easier — in spaces you already have available.

        Conquer large spaces with little effort

        Crestron Flex Pods deliver the ultimate in audio conferencing form, functionality, and flexibility. Connect multiple pods to easily turn conference rooms into collaboration hubs where audio reaches every corner — and meeting productivity reaches new heights.

        Sound that moves with a purpose

        Crestron Flex Pods can be easily moved and instantly set back up again, bringing team communication to any configuration. On any given day.

        Add audio anywhere

        From presentations to conversations, Crestron Flex Pods create consistent audio experiences and productive hybrid meetings — even in the most complex or unconventional layouts.

        The Crestron Advantage

        Crestron is the world leader in scalable hybrid meeting solutions. And now, as the Crestron Flex portfolio adds Crestron Flex Pods, you have even more choice in the microphone and speaker form factor for your rooms. Working as a native Microsoft Teams® and Zoom Rooms® solution — or as a BYOD solution — Crestron Flex Pods have the flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use that only comes from generations of developing hybrid meeting technology.

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        Crestron Flex video conferencing

        Easy to use. Simple to deploy. An equal seat for everyone. See how Crestron Flex Video Conferencing unites a dispersed workforce.

        restron Flex Pods - Setup Made Simple Video
        Crestron Flex Pods - Setup Made Simple Video

        See how easy it is to deploy wireless, scalable Crestron Flex Pods and move them around to deliver high-quality audio in different types of meetings and room configurations.

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        Crestron Flex Hub Wireless Transceiver

        A wireless transceiver and auto mixer that connects with up to four paired Crestron Flex UC-AUDIO-POD devices through the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT™) technology.

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        Crestron Flex Pod Wireless Audio Kit

        A wireless conferencing system that provides a small to large room audio conference solution. The kit includes a Crestron Flex UC-AUDIO-POD and UC-AUDIO-HUB.

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        Crestron Flex Pod

        A wireless tabletop conferencing device with a speaker and four microphones that is ideal for small to large rooms. The pod wirelessly connects and transfers audio to and from a paired Crestron Flex UC-AUDIO-HUB.

        Take a closer look at Crestron Flex Pods

        Get the most essential information about their form and functionality in a single, simple place.

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        Solutions at work

        Crestron desk scheduling solutions are ideal for organizations with large hot desking areas or with a high and/or growing proportion of hybrid workers. Deployment is simple and easy to integrate into your office workflow. Crestron desk scheduling solutions can be readily added to existing hot desk areas with little downtime.


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