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        The J.M. Smucker Company


        The J.M. Smucker Company is a well-known household name with iconic brands, including Smucker’s® fruit spreads, Folgers® coffee, Jif® peanut butter, and Milk-Bone® dog snacks. Since its beginning over 125 years ago, this business has been successful under five generations of family leadership that have consistently provided consumers with quality products they trust for themselves and their families.

        "User experience is paramount, and at Smucker, we strive to ensure all experiences are optimal, regardless of room size. Crestron helped us achieve that."
        James Colson
        AV Specialist,
        The J.M. Smucker Company

        the challenge

        The J.M. Smucker Company believes meaningful connections are vital to a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. This philosophy translates to the policies and practices implemented to support their employees through their everyday work. To remain true to this sentiment, Smucker embarked on an initiative to upgrade their collaboration technology with videoconferencing solutions in their Orrville, Ohio, headquarters and other manufacturing and sales sites to evolve their culture while retaining their values. With facilities spread across the US and Canada, it is important to support effective communication and to create a consistent user experience across every site.

        the solution

        James Colson, AV specialist at Smucker, and the IS team were tasked to create a standard room experience for the 120 meeting rooms and 100 huddle rooms at the headquarters and over a dozen remote sites. The solutions had to be reliable and easy to use to support the business during hybrid meetings, which would be critical as Smucker implemented a transition to enable employees to work on hybrid schedules. After a history with Crestron and existing technology present throughout their meeting rooms, the AV team selected the Crestron Flex platform to ensure collaboration throughout each space.

        the technology

        Outfitting conference spaces with solutions that reduce the friction of joining a meeting — and managing those spaces — was a significant consideration for this project. With Crestron Flex, collaboration and hybrid working became easier for everyone in the office and at home. The technology from Crestron was deployed throughout small, medium, and large meeting rooms and collaboration areas, enabling employees to come together for every type of meeting while matching their modern office aesthetic.

        Within the Smucker headquarters are small huddle spaces, larger conference rooms, and an auditorium where company-wide meetings occur. For large corporate events, there is also a ballroom-style area that can be combined to seat approximately 1,400 employees. While no two meetings are the same, the Smucker AV team wanted to equip their employees with collaboration tools that would be. Despite the variety of meeting spaces, each one is equipped with full Crestron Flex and Microsoft Teams® software conferencing capabilities, allowing for a high-quality meeting experience from a familiar interface. This ensures that employees are comfortable using any room, whether that be a conference room at the headquarters or a huddle room on a remote site.

        "The flexible office solutions from Crestron helped us round out a complete workday experience to ensure a top-notch work environment."
        James Colson
        AV Specialist,
        The J.M. Smucker Company

        Crestron Flex installed in each meeting room creates the same sleek look and a user experience where employees can arrive and get started without any connection hiccups. Every space has been designed intentionally with Microsoft Teams software friendly peripherals and Crestron control to elevate the meeting experience. Crestron Flex allows Smucker’s employees to have face-to-face meetings even when they can’t be in the same physical location. With the addition of the Crestron AirMedia® Connect Adaptor, employees can leverage wireless presentation and conferencing to seamlessly present to the in-room display with a simple workflow to get employees connected.

        Smucker recently added intelligent video technology into a collaborative space on campus with multiple cameras and displays around the room to create a Sightline experience. As a space used primarily for meetings with customers and retailers, ensuring a high-quality and inclusive experience for far-end participants was critical. Crestron intelligent video technologies integrate with the Crestron Flex for Microsoft Teams Rooms system to enable an effective virtual meeting with auto-switching video streams that capture the active speakers. To ensure quality audio pickup across the room, microphones are scattered around the table surface to capture each participant, no matter where they are seated.

        The Crestron XiO Cloud® technology operations management platform allows the AV team to monitor and manage all devices from anywhere. Being able to control each device remotely gives Smucker flexibility to solve any issues on the spot. It also enables the team to experience the same hybrid flexibility as the rest of the organization by empowering them to assist colleagues without physically being onsite. With more technology solutions being implemented than before and employees located all over the map, this platform has become critical. The Crestron XiO Cloud platform notifies the team when devices need attention before problems occur and enables them to resolve complications easily.

        the results

        With Crestron digital workplace solutions implemented, the Orrville headquarters supports a streamlined workday experience for every employee and benefits the dispersed workforce with collaboration tools that support them in every space.

        featured products

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        Automate VX

        Automate VX employs multiple optical zoom cameras and voice-activated switching to ensure remote participants enjoy a clear, crisp view of everyone in the room and in-person participants never have to think about where to look to follow the conversation.

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        Crestron Flex Video Conferencing

        Crestron Flex Video Conferencing makes it easy for a dispersed workforce to come together. Easy to use. Simple to deploy. A consistently high quality experience for every user in every type of space.

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        Crestron XiO Cloud

        From personal spaces to lecture halls, lobbies to lounges, esports to video walls, you can see and control all your digital workplace and content distribution technology everywhere.

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