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        Fortuna Entertainment Group


        Fortuna Entertainment Group (FEG) is the largest operator of odds betting and games in Eastern Europe. Originally a Czech company, it has transformed into an international business operating in Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Croatia. FEG employs over 6,000 staff members and aims to ensure that every employee remains proud to work for an internationally renowned bookmaker, which opened its first branch more than 30 years ago.

        the challenge

        Following the company's growth, expansion, and acquisitions in neighboring countries, FEG sought solutions to unify communication and increase the effectiveness of cooperation between employees’ cross-location. In addition to increasing productivity through enhanced communication, FEG wanted to provide its staff with the best resources to do their jobs. Starting with its new headquarters in Wenceslas Square, Prague, the firm’s integrator, Langard, was chosen to deploy a solution that would reflect the company’s modern working values and ensure a completely reliable interconnection of employees between all five countries in which it operates.

        "Recent experience has proven that employees at home or in the office, can collaborate efficiently, have a voice in meetings, and maintain the level of work performance expected of them."
        Jaromír Štolfa
        Senior Consultant,
        Fortuna Entertainment Group

        the solution

        After careful consideration, the teams at FEG decided on a Crestron and Microsoft Teams® solution. The first steps towards installation began in 2017, but by 2019, FEG chose a more comprehensive concept: to integrate Microsoft Teams Rooms conference solutions for branches in all five countries where the business operates. Crestron Flex was selected for its scalability, quality of sound and image, brand reputation, and warranty. Langard began by equipping the company’s new head office in Wenceslas Square, Prague, with a complete Crestron solution for 45 meeting rooms, three training rooms, common areas, a café, gym, and game room, offering a higher standard working environment for free-flowing creativity and collaboration.

        the technology

        In FEG’s new headquarters in Prague, there is a modern solution for transmitting presentations via a Crestron AirMedia® receiver and camera with auto tracking function and face recognition. The image and the speaker’s sound can be combined with the presentation. The content is then distributed not only to the PC for the Microsoft Live event or webinar but also to the monitors in the building. Perfect sound quality is achieved through the Crestron audio system and Crestron Saros® speakers. To ensure an uninterrupted signal, the entire AV system is connected to the Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP distribution and streamed to more than 40 screens throughout the building.

        Crestron AirMedia is the standard for AV transmission in all areas, chosen for its high-quality wireless conferencing technology. All meeting rooms have a reservation system using Crestron Fusion monitoring and scheduling software, occupancy sensors, and Crestron LCD panels. AV connectivity in meeting rooms is solved with the help of Crestron FlipTop™ cable management and Crestron DigitalMedia™ components. In addition to the Crestron Fusion® software, the Crestron XiO Cloud® management platform offers remote support, maintains operations standards, manages device lifecycles, and offers enhanced insights for maximum reliability. This integration enabled a user-friendly solution for all employees based in every office location, and it has become a natural part of everyday business operations and collaboration.

        Fortuna Entertainment Group’s new head office is the hub of the business, designed to reflect the company’s modern working values. It fully uses modern technologies for enhanced productivity, and its corporate culture is now truly digital. Crestron meeting room equipment helps simplify and improve video conferencing capabilities for company-wide updates. Crestron devices enable the seamless projection of high-quality images and sound via Microsoft Teams while also transferring the presenter virtually to multiple countries simultaneously and with a wireless connection to the screen in the physical space.

        "Microsoft Teams is now the main communication platform for Fortuna Entertainment Group, and Crestron’s products have helped to facilitate this integration."
        Pavel Arazim

        the results

        The client of this project now uses modern and efficient communications solutions from Crestron and Microsoft Teams, unifying its international teams and setting new standards for collaboration across the business. By unifying the solutions in all locations and increasing the standard of the working environment, FEG is fulfilling its aim of keeping its employees satisfied and proud to be representing the largest bookmaker in Eastern Europe. The success of the installation at this stage prompted the decision to deploy the solution across all spaces in the newly built offices in Prague, as well as in all other premises, to unify collaboration tools and ensure a consistent and reliable user experience.

        featured products

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