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        A Home with Many Different Features Creates a Custom Experience for All


        Ultimate Crestron Home winner demonstrates how the platform can do it all by balancing work and life in a residence that doubles as a family home and a showhouse.

        Located in Rye, New York, this impeccable family home is also a showhouse. This home stands out from the rest, as interior designers and a design-build contractor had a hand in its development. The showhouse, Stoneledge, has the perfect balance of luxury, functionality, and technology.

        "Stoneledge represents the pinnacle where design seamlessly merges with cutting-edge technology, like Crestron, forging an unparalleled experience for my family and my business."
        Alpesh Patel
        Founder and Homeowner,
        Enhanced Home

        the challenge

        The homeowner envisioned this project as a space that would capture the family’s fun and laid-back lifestyle while also providing a comfortable life for them. They needed technology that would blend with their daily activities and enhance their way of living. Since this home doubles as a showhouse, it was also important to implement an automation system that could grow continuously with the business and family.

        the solution

        Alpesh Patel, founder of Enhanced Home, wanted to turn his personal living space into a showroom that would demonstrate the advanced abilities of home automation technologies and serve as a useful tool for his business. The Enhanced Home team fully embraced the vision and the two roles this living space is meant to serve. Patel and his team tailored the automation system to his family’s specific requirements while designing a flexible system that could easily be expanded or altered, as necessary.

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        the technology

        The core of the automation setup relied on the Crestron Home® OS, providing a centralized and intuitive interface for controlling and managing all aspects of the home. From family home to showhouse, this masterpiece includes an impressive home gym, a serene home office, spacious walk-in closets, playful bedrooms, and entertainment areas galore. The Crestron Home system is flexible, easily integrating with other technologies to create one cohesive smart home platform. Throughout the indoor entertainment spaces and the outdoor patio and basketball court, Crestron touch screens, keypads, and the Crestron Home app are control points for the family to manage their experience.

        The homeowners use Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology to distribute seamless streaming of high-quality video content throughout the home. Pairing the video content with Crestron DM NAX™ Audio-over-IP technology synchronizes audio with video in various areas of the house, delivering immersive entertainment further amplified by the home’s vaulted ceilings for a perfect surround sound experience. The distribution of audio and video ranges from the bedrooms and the living room to the outdoor entertainment area.

        "Blending technology into our home has been easy as Crestron touch screens and keypads do not interfere with the aesthetic of the home in any way."
        Alpesh Patel
        Founder and Homeowner,
        Enhanced Home

        Fitting neatly within the residence are the lighting and shading elements simplify everyday life for the homeowners. Crestron Cameo® keypads are placed in each room for lighting and shading control. Automated lighting, which is present throughout the home and boasts its own set of lighting scenes and schedules tailored to various times of day, enhances the ambiance. The homeowners prioritized energy efficiency and privacy and installed custom motorized shades and drapery. Custom shade pockets ensure a clean and discreet appearance when the shades are not in use. To prevent light from entering the bedrooms, shades have integrated side channels to facilitate a complete blackout experience.

        The “hub” of the home is a touch screen strategically located between the living room and the kitchen. Many rooms in the residence have a touch screen to adjust lighting, shading, entertainment scenes, and climate. The homeowners utilize Crestron HVAC control for over 20 zones in the home, allowing management of each room’s temperature and distinct temperature schedules tailored to individual spaces, from the home office to the walk-in closets. This approach ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

        the results

        Stoneledge serves as a complete family home while also being an office for Enhanced Home and a demonstration area for clients, perfectly highlighting the capabilities of the Crestron system. Whether clients want to experience new products or the full home automation experience, the space provides an immersive and powerful showcase of seamless integration by advanced solutions.

        featured products

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        DM NAX™ Audio-over-IP

        DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution System is built on the DM NVX® AV-over-IP platform, so you know it provides unmatched flexibility, scalability, performance, and integration.

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        Crestron Handheld Remotes

        Crestron handheld remotes bring control to a luxurious new level. Ruggedized for durability and wrapped in a satiny smooth, easy-grip housing, they deliver exceptional comfort and ergonomics for hours of use.

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        Crestron Home® OS

        With Crestron, everything in the home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Your home becomes more secure, comfortable, and convenient.

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