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        Control without limits

        HR-310 and TSR-310 Handheld Remotes

        Elegant, ergonomic design. Epic functionality.

        The amazing HR-310 and TSR-310 are Crestron handheld remotes reimagined. They combine all the best elements of our previous generation with even more advanced functionality and superb ergonomic design, incredible button feel, voice control, custom engravable buttons, profiles settings, and much more.

        Precision crafted. Perfectly weighted.

        Crestron handheld remotes bring control to a luxurious new level. Ruggedized for durability and wrapped in a satiny smooth, easy-grip housing, they deliver exceptional comfort and ergonomics for hours of use.

        The Crestron Performance UI experience

        Designed exclusively for the TSR-310, the brand-new Crestron Performance UI delivers a user experience unlike anything seen before in a handheld remote. It transforms and elevates standard UI actions with smooth, stunning transitions, animations, and icons.

        Watch the how-to series of videos to see it in action.

        The Crestron Performance UI: basic navigation and main features

        Scroll through some of the main UI pages to see what the Crestron Performance UI is all about.

        Custom engraved for your lifestyle.

        Make your remote as unique as you. Up to nine buttons can be custom engraved to display the functions you use most frequently.

        At a glance: HR-310 and TSR-310

        Beautiful Design

        Ergonomic Shape

        Incredible Button Feel

        Movement Sensor


        Multi-color Buttons


        • Backlit tactile buttons
        • Long battery life utilizing standard AAA batteries
        • 9 custom engravable buttons
        • Ultra-reliable infiNET EX® wireless gateway
        • Easy HR-150 swap


        • 3" touch screen display
        • Stunning resolution
        • Rechargeable battery: 3–4 days between charges
        • Incredible processing power
        • Instantly connect via Wi-Fi® connectivity for high-bandwidth communications without gateway
        • Voice control
        • Elegant, discreet charging station
        Loading the Performance UI (Pyng OS 2 Only)
        • Built directly into TSR-310 firmware
        • To convert existing systems to Performance UI
          • Update TSR-310 firmware to 1.003.0034 or later.
          • Enter IP address of remote in web browser.
          • Select Actions->Restore
          • The TSR-310 will restart in Performance UI mode.
          • Pair with Pyng OS 2 system.
        • Firmware upgrades preserve mode on existing installs
        • Loading a Smart Graphics project will automatically disable
        Performance UI Videos

        Watch the how-to series of videos to see the new Performance UI in action.

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