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        Founded in 2013, Riskified® financial risk management services is a global eCommerce risk management platform that leverages machine learning and aggregates data from many of the world's largest online merchants. By creating network effects that drive higher sales and generate cost savings for merchants, Riskified empowers businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making data safe, accessible, and frictionless.

        "Some of these complex spaces, such as the multipurpose room or the cafeteria, require a more unique solution and Crestron’s complete ecosystems cover the needs of even the most complex spaces."
        Nir Poltorak
        General Manager,
        DIT Consultants

        the challenge

        Riskified's headquarters in Israel recently moved to a unique location in Tel Aviv. With over 100 different spaces in the new office and the need to accommodate growing numbers of employees, Riskified faced various challenges, such as managing and monitoring the office technology in a centralized and proactive manner. Riskified aimed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience in every room, from basic huddle spaces to complex multipurpose rooms.

        the solution

        To meet these challenges, Kobi Beja, IT project manager at Riskified, worked closely with DIT Consultants to create a detailed design and scope of the concept. Hed Cinema, one of the leading AV and UC integrators in Israel, was committed to executing the project through various challenges such as a short timeline, working under restrictions, and integration of highly complex spaces.

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        the technology

        The Crestron Flex UC portfolio enabled Riskified to implement Zoom Rooms® software in every space — from traditional spaces like small huddle rooms or the library to non-traditional spaces, like the yoga room. Using Crestron Flex for Zoom Rooms software in these spaces ensures that Riskified users experience the same intuitive and familiar interface in every space. The use of Zoom Rooms software in the yoga room showcases the application of technology in both traditional and unconventional settings. This innovative approach elevates the employee experience beyond just a run-of-the-mill workday and contributes to an enhanced overall experience.

        Working in an open space can boost cooperation and collaboration among staffers, however, some team members still may work remotely. Conversing with them might disturb the people in proximity, which prompted Riskified to encourage those desk calls to be taken in dedicated conferencing spaces. Crestron scheduling solutions provide a critical role in managing the vast amount of phone booths which show a clear indication of their availability to host private calls. For group gatherings, a Crestron AirMedia® wireless collaboration system was integrated centrally in the workspace to ensure improved everyday teamwork and collaboration. Each team member can share their screen at any time and quickly consult other team members without leaving their workspace.

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        "Using Crestron XiO Cloud enables us to manage a large number of devices from a single pane of glass and be proactive in the maintenance at the same standard we are used to in other IT services."
        Arnold Miah
        IT Specialist,

        Crestron occupancy sensors enhanced the user experience, automating lighting and display control as the user enters the room. This provided Riskified employees with technology solutions that were easy to use, but also streamlined the experience with automation that improved efficiency within the building. While complex tasks can be managed expertly by the Riskified IT team, Beja and his coworkers have ensured that day-to-day operations remain straightforward for users. This user-friendly approach enables employees to access necessary settings easily, switch features on or off, and make alterations as required. In situations where complexity arises, users can rely on the Riskified team's expertise to create an exceptional experience.

        Riskified aimed to empower each employee to personalize their workspace and feel like they are part of the office community. The reliable, intuitive customer experience in every room led to easy adoption, and despite the substantial number of spaces, all resources are used all the time. The ability to manage and support the solutions remotely led Riskified to deploy similar solutions around the world. Riskified provides end-user support through Crestron’s XiO Cloud® platform, granting the ability to control each room, monitor activities, and promptly assist anyone who requires help utilizing the technology’s capabilities to view logs, errors, and layers as needed. The system extends beyond Tel Aviv, supporting offices in New York as well.

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        the results

        Crestron offers flexibility to expand the workplace offerings at Riskified based on user feedback. This adaptability allows for the addition or tweaking of features, which is a great asset for meeting evolving needs. With locations in North America, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, and Israel, Riskified continues to empower businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. The emphasis on user experience, adaptability, and user-friendly design reflects Riskified’s commitment to provide the best possible experience for users and clients alike.

        featured products

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        Crestron Room Scheduling

        Crestron Flex Scheduling lets your workforce quickly book the right space with the right technology. All while helping you manage occupation density and providing utilization data for better real estate planning.

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        Crestron Flex Video Conferencing

        Crestron Flex Video Conferencing makes it easy for a dispersed workforce to come together. Easy to use. Simple to deploy. A consistently high quality experience for every user in every type of space.

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        Crestron AirMedia® Wireless Conferencing

        With AirMedia® wireless conferencing technology you can transform any space into a high quality conferencing space. Whether you’re in a huddle room, lounge, or mixed use room, it’s easy to present, share, and host a meeting from any device.

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