Crestron Fusion®

        Monitoring & Scheduling Software

        What is Crestron Fusion?

        Crestron integrates systems and technologies that typically operate in silos, so they work together as a single system. Crestron Fusion monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence to turn an organization into a high-performance enterprise. It’s easier than ever to get all the powerful tools clients really want, including network room scheduling, remote help desk, global device monitoring, and data collection and reporting.

        Room Scheduling

        Crestron Fusion network room scheduling integrates with popular calendaring programs you’re already using to improve workflow and room usage.
        • Connects to Microsoft Exchange®, Office 365, Google® Calendar™, IBM® Notes®, CollegeNet® R25® to 25Live®, and more
        • Book rooms from scheduling panels outside the room for ad hoc meetings

        • Clearly see room availability on scheduling panels or room signs from down the hall

        • Display room calendar on Crestron in-room touch screens and even on the room display

        • Rooms are automatically returned to inventory in event of a “no-show”

        Connects to

        Help Desk and Support

        AV and IT staff get alerts to remotely resolve events quickly to maximize uptime.
        • Meeting attendees can contact support staff from the touch screen in the room

        • Support staff can resolve issues during a meeting by remotely taking control of devices in the room

        • Store and organize all technical documentation by room for quick reference

        Global Device Monitoring

        Real-time alerts allow support staff to proactively manage events, so rooms are fully functional and ready for the next meeting.
        • Get instant status notifications for any device in any room on the network, then quickly dispatch local support staff to resolve the event

        • Receive reminders to perform routine maintenanced to inventory in event of a “no-show”

        Data and Reporting

        Collecting data and generating reports helps organizations optimize investments in people, spaces, and technology.
        • Room usage – how often is the room booked? When is the room used? How long is it used? Who is using it?

        • Room occupancy – was the room occupied when booked? How many people use the room per meeting?

        • Device usage – how often is the AV or VTC system used? Which sources are used? How often is the display used (if there’s more than one, are both used)?

        Crestron Fusion Dashboard

        Crestron Fusion Dashboard enables you to connect your BI software of choice, such as Microsoft Power BI®, Tableau®, or QlikSense®, to the Crestron Fusion enterprise management software database and generate powerful analytics and data visualizations. A template for Microsoft Power BI is provided as a starting point, or create your own templates.

        Crestron Fusion offers standard reports out of the box. Custom reports may also be created by request.

        Crestron Fusion software is easier than ever to purchase and install. Simply order one of these two options, then download the software.

        Crestron Fusion

        • Unlimited rooms per license

        • Lifetime service, support, and updates

        Crestron Fusion Cloud

        • Up to 250 rooms per license*

        • 3-year service, support, and updates

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