West Sussex Residence
        Charmer by the Channel


        Building a dream home is no easy task, but with the help of the Crestron Home® platform, these homeowners saw their imagination become a reality.

        This modern, elegant West Sussex residence is located just 40 miles south of London. What started as an empty lot soon became this homeowner’s forever dream home. Leaving no possibilities unturned, this property boasts whole house control that ties in an underground garage car lift, a gym, a game room, and a home cinema.

        the challenge

        During the design phase, the homeowner sought a comprehensive solution encompassing security, audio distribution, 4K video distribution, automated curtains and shades, and lighting control. The most creative request from the homeowner was to seamlessly integrate a motorized car lift and a state-of-the-art home cinema room — but security was regarded as the most crucial requirement.

        the solution

        AV integration firm Modus Vivendi (MV) was introduced to the homeowner by a mutual contact to assist with designing and installing an appropriate scheme for the substantial home. When considering the homeowner’s requirements and preferences, MV decided that the Crestron Home® OS was the most suitable platform for this project and would ensure all third-party systems would integrate seamlessly.

        "The seamless integration of Crestron solutions allowed us to deliver the homeowners their ideal "forever home" with absolute satisfaction."
        Chris Bethell
        Director of Operations
        Modus Vivendi

        the technology

        From the minute they enter the home, the homeowners are provided with intercom and access control systems at the main gate, as well as seamless integration of CCTV cameras. These features were made available through 7” and 10” Crestron touch screens across the property. MV also integrated a biometric reader into the front door, allowing the homeowner and family to enter the home using fingerprint identification.

        The homeowners have an impressive and substantial underground garage, and their goal was to effortlessly raise each of their cars up and down to ground level using a car lift. MV was able to integrate the car lift with the Crestron Home platform, allowing the homeowners to operate the lift with the touch of a button from their mobile phones. In addition to the car lift, the garage includes features such as lighting control, audio systems, and climate control. Occupancy sensors are implemented to ensure energy is saved across the space when the homeowners are not present.

        The basement within this home offers a spacious gym, games room, and a dedicated home cinema with three rows of seating. Among the spaces in the house, the basement is where the family spends most of their evenings. The entire basement system, including lighting, video, audio, heating, and air conditioning, is easily controlled through the Crestron Home platform via the touch screen remote. To enhance the homeowners' experience further, MV installed a Crestron Cameo® keypad at the entrance to the cinema room. Additionally, the home includes a full Crestron DigitalMedia™ system providing UHD/4K video distribution. With access to Sky Q and Apple TV® digital media extender in all TV locations, the system promises high-quality entertainment across the property. MV also integrated the multi-room audio system with Crestron Home OS, allowing the homeowners to stream music via the Crestron Home app.

        This residence benefits from a sizeable network of lighting circuits, all integrated with the Crestron Home system. Control over the lighting is conveniently accessible through the Crestron Home app, Cameo® keypads, Crestron remotes, or touch screens. With several control options, the Crestron Home OS makes it possible to set and adjust any desired lighting from any room in the home. The homeowners have customized lighting scenes that fit their lifestyle. This flexibility guarantees that the ambiance and mood can be easily customized to fit various preferences and occasions. To elevate their living space, the homeowners decided to install Crestron roller blinds and curtain tracks. The automated shading solutions allow the homeowners to not only raise or lower the blinds easily but also control the shutters’ tilt at the touch of a button. This technology provides the homeowners with convenience and comfort in their everyday lives.

        Due to the comprehensive whole-house control system, the Crestron remote extends its use beyond just one room. If required, it allows the homeowner to monitor the front gate and control various services in different rooms. The property boasts heating and cooling integration and control, which can be managed via any of the six Crestron touch screens throughout the property.

        "Our Crestron system helps more than we ever expected or hoped it would. Simple settings like closing blinds to switching lights on automatically make such a massive difference, it’s wonderful!"

        the results

        The homeowner and family were thrilled with the expertise of the partners on this project and the sophisticated home automation system, which was complemented by the consistency and streamlined user experience of the Crestron Home platform.

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