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        Contemporary Coastal Home
        Endless home entertainment for hosting or leisure


        Crestron Home® unifies audio and video distribution every aspect of this stunning property.

        Located in San Diego, California, this stunning retrofit home lies in a quaint, family-friendly neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac. The home features high ceilings with an open floor plan and a beautiful backyard complete with a pool, patio, and barbecue.

        the challenge

        While the homeowners have enjoyed having smart devices previously in their residence, they were not in sync with one another. They wanted an automation system that would allow them to control their home through one platform that could be accessed across their remotes and tablets while at home or from their mobile devices while away. The goal was to centralize all of the smart technology, reduce wire chaos, and create a home that was easy and convenient to manage.

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        the solution

        The team at Audio Impact got to work on this retrofit by unifying control of the cameras, lighting, TVs, and speakers through the Crestron Home® platform. For extra flair, they also added video distribution and home audio through Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology, allowing the existing cluttered cables to be rerouted for more easy-to-get-to storage and access. 

        Crestron Home brings confidence to the homeowner when entertaining and in their everyday lives that everything will work how they expect it to.
        Ryan Lipkovicius
        Audio Impact

        the technology

        The Crestron Home platform unites all control aspects into one user interface. Consistent management of their home through touch screens, remotes, tablets, and mobile devices was the most important feature for the homeowners. Parental control can be accessed with remotes and tablets throughout the home.

        Crestron Home OS allows the family to schedule presets such as turning lights on and off throughout the day and calling up entertainment settings with a single button. The homeowners have used schedule presets to their advantage - easy entertainment settings such as audio and light are set at a touch of a button. The engraved dimmers and keypads are a unique feature in the home, allowing the homeowners to recognize each switch’s functionality at a quick glance.

        Audio Impact opted to install Crestron DM NVX distribution and a Crestron DM NAX™ amplifier to manage audio and video throughout the home to make entertaining a breeze. Video is routed to the primary bedroom, family room, and outdoor patio, making it effortless to switch between displays. The audio is synced to the ceiling speakers and the outdoor patio’s landscape speakers. With Crestron DM NVX and DM NAX technology working together, the homeowners can stream shows or music to the family room and outdoor patio simultaneously, creating a seamless experience from room to room when hosting guests.

        Crestron technology is very straightforward to use, especially because it can all be controlled from one place. The Crestron Home app provides a consistent experience each time.

        the results

        Crestron helps the homeowners entertain at their leisure with technology that blends with the retrofit design of the residence. The home automation system has given these homeowners the confidence to create the seamless experience they want at any moment, whether entertaining family and friends, or relaxing during the week.

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