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        Fish Residence


        From business to home, Crestron has this homeowner covered.

        This stunning home features Italian-inspired architecture and five stories of living space located in the tranquil neighborhood of Loch Lloyd. With a cozy home theater, impressive wine cellar, indoor golf simulator, and basketball court, providing a centralized home automation system for each of these unique features was no small task.

        Andy Jones

        the challenge

        As the CEO of Fishtech Group, Gary Fish has long-trusted Crestron technology to help operations run smoothly for the cybersecurity company. When evaluating home automation offerings, his standards for selecting a secure and reliable solution remained the same. Equally as important would be finding a solution that could bring control for each of his homes into one pane of glass, allowing him to monitor and view them on-the-go from his phone.

        the solution

        Andy Jones, Principal at Domotek worked with Fish to unite technology control throughout the residence under the Crestron Home® platform. Crestron Home allows Fish and his wife to easily check the thermostats, alter the lighting levels, open garage doors, and select various entertainment features with just the press of a button.

        the technology

        Crestron Home provides a consistency of the user experience, so the homeowners and their guests can control similar functions from room to room. Whether from a sleek Crestron touch screen on the wall or using the Crestron Home app on their personal device, control of the home is consistent and available from anywhere. The homeowners can confirm that the doors are locked and lights are off after they leave for the day, providing added peace of mind. Crestron TSR Remotes deliver another point of control for entertaining in a variety of spaces including a media room and a home theater.

        A focal point of the home’s entertainment offerings is an inviting wine-tasting space with seating and a wrap-around cellar that is on full display behind the glass walls. A Horizon® Keypad simplifies lighting control in the room with buttons for several of pre-programmed scenes that fit any mood. Climate control is important throughout the home, but it was especially important in the wine cellar where a Horizon Thermostat regulates temperatures to preserve the wine until it is selected to pair with dinner or a night spent with friends.

        The pandemic opened the doors for everyone to adjust to working from home and Fish needed a residential solution that would deliver the same conferencing quality he was accustomed to in the Fishtech office. The Tabletop Conference Device for Crestron Home® OS provides an enterprise-grade audio experience for meetings in the home office while doubling as another Crestron Home interface for whole-house control. With a simple scene selection, the lighting intensity and shades can adjust to provide the perfect lighting for an afternoon call.

        "Crestron Home simplifies the control throughout our home. I can easily see if the lights are on, I can also open the garage door, or deactivate the alarm all with the single press of a button."
        Gary Fish

        the results

        Crestron Home provides a secure home automation solution and a consistent user experience that the Fish family can trust. Crestron Home is accessible through the app for the homeowners and consistent throughout the home for their guests to use with no hassle. "Crestron Home takes a classic product and moves it into the new age. Bringing this type of control to the cloud provides users the ability to control their home from anywhere in the world while also giving dealers the power to manage it with the same flexibility," says Jones.

        featured products

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        Crestron Home®

        Crestron Home makes all the devices and systems work the way you want them to. One simple experience from multiple control devices – on the wall, on the counter, on the couch, on your phone.

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        Horizon® Thermostat

        Crestron XiO Cloud platform gives you everything you need to keep rooms working, meetings moving, and teams productive.

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        Crestron Touch Screen

        Designed for anywhere people share information, connect with technology, or command a space.

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