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        Our vision

        At Crestron, we recognize the impact human activity has on the environment. We are committed to identifying opportunities to mitigate our impact and reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable workplace practices and improvements to product design, manufacturing processes, product life cycle, and end-of-life recycling. We strive to integrate sustainable development and environmental stewardship into all our processes, procedures, and practices.

        Sustaining industry partnership

        Crestron is proud to be a Sustaining Sponsor with Sustainability in AV (SAVe), the first industrywide U.S.-based organization to bring stakeholders in the audiovisual field together to take concerted action to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our partnership with SAVe empowers us as an organization to support important educational tracks and advocacy initiatives that support sustainability on an even greater scale.

        Sustainable design

        • For more than a decade, we have engaged in Go Green initiatives. Our products are designed to help reduce energy consumption through automation and promote environmental sustainability, while meeting energy code standards adopted by numerous jurisdictions.
        • Our intelligent lighting and environmental control systems leverage daylight harvesting capabilities and control lighting and technology based on occupancy. They dim lighting during times of high energy demand and energy grid stresses, and utilize built-in power monitoring components to track real-time energy usage.
        • We offer energy management solutions that help organizations track and minimize energy usage throughout their facilities.
        • Our employees reduce their personal environmental impact on our corporate campus through programs including the BikeShare Program and the electric vehicle Workplace Charging Program.
        • We have also been awarded a rating by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) for Facility Operations and Management of our locations in the United States.
        "As the world's leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, Crestron recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to making Crestron, our community and the earth a cleaner, safer place to live.”
        Daniel Brady
        Chief Operating Officer

        Sustainable manufacturing

        • We are committed to environmentally sound and sustainable manufacturing processes and adherence to local standards in all countries in which we conduct business.
        • Our Supply Chain Code of Conduct sets forth our commitment to integrity and compliance, both in our own conduct and in the expected conduct of our global supply chain partners. We require them to meet all applicable laws and regulations for air/noise/water pollution and ground contamination. We also require that they implement physical measures to reduce, control, and/or eliminate wastewater, waste, and pollution at the source, air emissions of volatile chemicals, corrosives, particulates, aerosols, and combustion products.
        • We support product life cycle longevity through extensive quality testing, sustainable engineering processes, and post-sales service and support resources.
        • We have integrated a global marking standard to communicate recycling designations for products and components introduced into the waste stream, supporting sustainability and a circular economy.
        • We recycle metals, plastics, and organic materials responsibly through sustainable vendors. We also recycle paper and cardboard and conduct paperless business transactions.

        International WELL Building Institute™ and the related logo are trademarks used with permission from the International WELL Building Institute.

        Sustainable shipping

        • To mitigate our impact on climate change, we are committed to building upon our current initiatives to decrease single-use plastics.
        • We partner with packaging providers to utilize certified, compostable, environmentally sustainable, and functional packaging material made from U.S.–grown corn and ocean bound plastics.
        • We use eco-friendly packaging materials and practices to minimize package size and waste bulk.
        • We are initiating further actions to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste materials destined for landfill disposal.

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