Shading Solutions

        Crestron Roller Shades

        Looking for quiet, precision control of daylight and privacy at night? Crestron Roller Shades are the perfect solution. They are ideal for a flat clean look or combined with decorative drapes. Roller shades are available in widths up to 15 feet to meet the requirements of any project.
        • Clean Flat Shading Solution in Transparent, Translucent or Blackout Fabrics
        • Fit any window up to 15 feet wide
        • Dual shades provide a beautiful view or blackout at the touch of a button
        • Curtain walls: couple up to six shades as a single group with one Crestron QMT® motor
        Limited Warranty
        Crestron guarantees the materials, workmanship, and operation of its mounting hardware, shade fabric, and QMT® shade motors. Learn more

        QMT3 Series and QMT5 Series Shade Systems

        QMT3 Series Hardware is the smaller of the shading solutions, perfect for small mounting spaces or installations that require shades with a slim profile. Available in wired, wireless, and battery-powered models. All QMT3 Series motors are compatible with both Architectural and Décor hardware and any hembar option. Crestron shade motors may be added to Crestron manual shades at any time.

        QMT5 Series Hardware supports larger roller shades or shades with a heavy fabric. Options for single roller or dual roller shade applications ensure that this shading solution perfectly suits the needs of every application. Available in wired and wireless models. All QMT5 Series motors are compatible with both Architectural and Décor hardware, the cable-guided option for angled windows, and any hembar style. Crestron shade motors may be added to Crestron manual shades at any time.

        Cable-Guided Option for QMT5 Series Shade Hardware
        A cable-guided tracking solution for QMT5 Series shading systems to prevent the shade fabric from swaying and enable professional installation on angled windows. Compatible with inside, outside, and pocket mounted roller shades up to approximately 10 feet (3 meters) wide or 10 feet (3 meters) long, and accommodates windows pitched inwardly or outwardly at up to 20 degrees from vertical.

        Cable-Guided Option for QMT5 Series Shade Hardware

        Battery Powered Shades

        Ideal for retrofit applications and windows located on surfaces where wires can’t be pulled, Crestron battery powered shades feature fast, reliable wireless communications, energy efficient operation for long battery life, and silent operation with the patented QMT®3 Series motor.

        Since all Crestron Shades share the same design, capacity and brackets, installation is easy. As is servicing, the uniquely designed battery cartridge is easily accessible and simply swings down from the fascia. The standard batteries can be replaced just like any consumer device and snaps back into place. No disassembly required. Battery Powered shades available with Architectural and Décor brackets.

        Manual Shades

        Often, a homeowner will opt to motorize the shades in the main living spaces but choose manual shades in the bedrooms and other spaces to save money. After living with motorized shades for a while, they usually want to motorize the manual shades. Crestron manual and motorized shades use the same hardware and fabrics, so upgrading is easy. In most cases the upgrade takes just minutes. No new hardware. No new wires.*

        *Consult with your local Crestron dealer.
        Pictures of 2 windows using Architectural shade hardware

        Architectural Shade Hardware

        QMT3 Series and QMT5 Series Architectural Shade Hardware systems provide simple, reliable mounting solutions for Crestron® roller shades. With a small form factor and simple installation, the Architectural Shade Hardware mounts to a wall or ceiling, or in a pocket or window jamb.

        Endcap Color Options

        Décor Shade Hardware

        QMT3 Series and QMT5 Series Décor Shade Hardware systems deliver elegant, reliable mounting solutions for Crestron® roller shades. Décor Shade Hardware achieves a contemporary aesthetic with a completely exposed shade. Enhance any space by mounting this modern shading solution to a wall, ceiling, or window jamb.

        Pictures of 2 windows using Decor shade hardware

        Choose from a variety of Hembar options

        Open Pocket
        Close-up photo of open pocket hardware
        Sealed Pocket
        Close-up photo of sealed pocket hardware
        Exposed Pocket
        Close-up photo of exposed pocket hardware

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