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        Benton County, State of Washington

        May 03, 2022

        Benton County, State of Washington

        Located in Prosser and Kennewick, Washington, Benton County is comprised of 13 major courtrooms, as well as countless meeting rooms and two Commissioners' hearing rooms for large public meetings.With courtroom and hearing room technology playing an ever-increasing role in the justice system, it became critical for Benton County to implement advanced solutions in their court spaces, as they had lacked contemporary AV capabilities.

        With an abundance of sources and strict requirements for what the courtrooms can route, Benton County selected Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology to distribute flawless, high-resolution video content safely and securely across the network. With Crestron, Benton County’s courtrooms and hearing rooms now serve as tech-forward settings for trials and have helped create a consistent experience across all the spaces.