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Crestron understands that success is based on a total commitment to delivering the highest quality product for our customers. It is this dedication to excellence that has set us apart as a leading product manufacturer for more than four decades.

Crestron Quality Commitment
We've always taken quality control seriously, and it shows. Year after year, Crestron products consistently earn the reputation as the most reliable in our industry. But we're still not satisfied.

Every day we look for ways to improve product quality and increase MTBF (mean time between failures). Over the past year we have employed quality control experts from different industries, implemented new systems, and upgraded our processes. We simply won't settle for anything less than perfection.

The Framework for Quality
Deeply rooted in our culture, the Crestron Quality System embraces Kaizen, the process of continuous improvement. Management systems are in place to provide a structured environment that facilitates incremental and measurable progress toward perfection. We seek suppliers that share our values, and nurture those strong relationships over time, to ensure consistent, reliable products you can depend on.

Three Fundamentals of the Crestron Quality System

  1. Planning - Accurate forecasting, detailed planning, and flexibility to address trends and customer demands leads to world-class performance.
  2. Internal Quality Assurance - Quality assurance is implemented at every stage of production. Regular inspections of materials, and process monitoring of manufacturing, assembly, testing, and packing, ensure adherence to the highest standards.
  3. External Quality Assurance - We hold our vendors to the same unyielding standards to which we hold ourselves. We actively collaborate with supply chain partners to optimize efficiencies to manufacture the highest quality products on time, every time. Only the most qualified suppliers who are as dedicated to operational excellence can be a Crestron partner.

Crestron Quality Supporting Values

Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide open lines of communication for customers and partners by understanding their wants and requirements
  • Deliver cutting edge technological products and services
Employee Satisfaction
  • Provide open lines of communication to our employees
  • Promote an ethical, challenging, and safe work environment
  • Provide recognition to accomplishments
  • Meet and exceed expectations/commitments
  • Ensure an efficient, lean, and safe work environment
  • Make ethical business decisions without compromising the integrity or safety of our employees, customers, partners, and products/services
  • Build it right the first time
  • Continuous improvement
  • Always in pursuit of excellence, meeting and exceeding world class standards
  • Focus on quality as opposed to quantity
  • Set goals and expectations then strive to exceed them
  • Learn from the opportunity; contain, control, assure, and prevent

The Crestron Quality System

Learn about our extensive quality assurance system that ensures superior product performance and reliability.

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