Play music at your business with SoundMachine
        through Sonos, controlled by Crestron.


        Sonos and Crestron have teamed up with SoundMachine to stream music legally in commercial installations, such as restaurants, retail stores, and doctor’s offices, and provide a recurring revenue for dealers.

        Infinite content for business
        Play content that is appropriate for all audiences through Sonos. Choose from hundreds of stations curated by professionals or create your own stations based on artists or songs that fit your business best.

        Create mixes and schedules
        Every moment of the day is unique. Program content by the hour and mix playlists to find that sweet spot that fits your business.

        Manage users centrally
        Create multiple users according to the number of locations your business has, and control their content from your central account.

        Do it legally
        Playing music in a commercial environment requires a specific set of licenses. SoundMachine has you covered so that you can focus on choosing the right music.

        Are you a Crestron dealer?
        SoundMachine has a partner program for you with a recurring income, a dedicated team and a portal with all the information you might need.