Crestron at
InfoComm 2017

Enterprise Room Solutions

June 14 – 16
Booth 1900
Audio Demo Room 225AB

Orange County Convention Center,
Orlando, FL
Exhibit Hours: Wed 9 – 5 | Thu 9 – 5 | Fri 9 – 4

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Join us at InfoComm® 2017, the largest, most exciting AV industry event in North America, and experience our simple, scalable, secure Enterprise Room Solutions. See the U.S. debut of several major new Crestron products that will change the entire industry landscape, including:

Be sure to attend our informative training sessions and insightful UCC Events we sponsored in partnership with InfoComm and IMCCA.


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Consultant Summit

For more than two decades, this event has provided the information you need to ensure you’re prepared for new opportunities. Join Crestron CTO Fred Bargetzi and Crestron technology experts to learn about industry trends and the latest in technology for network video solutions, high performance audio solutions, and the fast moving segment of unified communications. Don't miss out on the opportunity to network with your peers from around the world. Share experiences and learn from each other.

For more information contact Landon Lovett at

Crestron Service Provider Meeting

Every year brings new Crestron products and technologies and, with them, new and exciting opportunities for Crestron Service Providers (CSPs). To capitalize on these opportunities, you need to do more than build your programming skills; you need to know how to deliver complete solutions that delight your clients. Join Richard Sasson of Crestron and members of the CSP community for a lively discussion about how the CSP business model is evolving.

For more information, please contact Shelly Flynn at

Crestron Media and Press Booth Tour and Presentation

Members of the press are invited to join the top experts on each of our solutions at the Crestron booth before the show opens on Thursday for breakfast and a special tour and presentation. Get the inside scoop on game-changing new Crestron solutions including Crestron Mercury, DigitalMedia NVX Series, and network room scheduling.

For more information contact Ron Epstein at

Crestron Enterprise Consultant Meeting

Join the top experts on each of our solutions at the Crestron booth before the show opens on Thursday for breakfast and a special tour and presentation. Get the inside scoop on game-changing new Crestron solutions including Crestron Mercury, DigitalMedia NVX Series, and network room scheduling.

For more information contact Michael Goldman at

Crestron A+ Partners Breakfast

The classroom technology landscape continues to shift faster than ever. To continue to provide the best solutions for students, faculty, and administrators, come join the experts from Crestron and your peers from colleges and universities across the globe for the Crestron A+ Partner Meeting. We’ll explore today’s hottest technology topics in the higher education community. You’ll leave the event with insight into how to design systems that meet the classroom technology needs of today and tomorrow, which will help you continue to thrive in the highly competitive higher education sector.

For more information contact Roger Takacs at

SWIRL17: Customer Appreciation Party

After you’ve taken care of business during the day, it’s time to get down to the business of partying! As always, the Crestron party will be THE place to be! Join us for an evening of fantastic food, fun, and laughs with your friends and colleagues. You've earned it!


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Tech Tour at The University of Central Florida College of Medicine

The University of Central Florida is constantly improving its collaborative spaces in response to student expectations, new pedagogical approaches, and even actual usage data. Tour their newest classroom structure, including 23 new AV spaces and a divisible conference room. As you explore UCF, you’ll discover how they keep up the pace of continuous improvement while centrally managing it all. Bill Strupp, Crestron Regional Sales Manager, and the team behind these spaces will be on hand to answer all your questions about design, integration, and maintenance.

Unified Communications Track – In partnership with IMCCA and sponsored by Crestron

AV and IT in 2017 – What's still not working in a post convergence world?

In this panel session, we’ll discuss how to achieve continuous improvement with respect to AVIT collaboration. Is there really a difference anymore between AV and IT? How have organizations addressed the merger of AV and IT? What has worked well to make the merger successful? What has not worked and needs improvement? This session will address issues of importance to working in an environment where both IT and AV are important—in other words, how to work together in most rooms!

UCCL1 – UCC Lunch and Learn: State of the Industry

Join industry experts and senior executives as they address the latest issues related to conferencing, collaboration, and unified communications. What disruptions are just over the horizon? How are mobility and interoperability impacting the industry? What are the latest user applications in business, education, and healthcare? What does convergence look like in the home, as well as in business? What impact are mobile devices having within organizations? What role does managed services offerings and the cloud play in making use of these technologies effective and seamless? Attend the luncheon to learn, ask questions, and challenge the panelists.

Collaborate Securely – Building secure collaboration rooms and systems in a world of malware and hackers

Michael Goldman, Crestron Executive Director, Enterprise Strategies, will participate in this panel session. This session will provide practical and actionable advice from experts on how to cope in a malware infested world. Today’s UCC and AV components use modern network connections to communicate. Not just codecs, but displays, processors, cameras, control systems, audio systems and more all ride on an IP network. This poses big security risks. While a few enterprises try to mitigate the potential damage by isolating the AV system network, this is never a guarantee that components and/or users won’t cross over at some point, enabling the spread of malware. Find out what you can do to protect your organization from these threats, and what manufacturers are doing to make their systems safer.

The Huddle Room Explosion - How to wade through the technology solutions coming to market and find the right ones

In this panel session, explore best practices for selecting huddle room technology. Many organizations have embraced the concept of the huddle room— a meeting space that holds only a handful of people as they collaborate together - but the options for executing that concept are endless. Some solutions require users to bring their own devices. Others are entirely self-contained, with no BYOD required. How will you select the right technology for these now critical spaces? Our panelists will lay out the benefits, risks, and applications of each approach.

Unified Communications & Collaboration - The Roadmap through to 2017

In this panel session, learn how to build a comprehensive UC strategy. Unified Communications (UC) has become the default term for next-generation, IP-enabled enterprise communications. Organizations can no longer consider video, telephony, instant messaging or collaboration products in silos—they must be viewed and planned as part of a UC strategy which is often based on a single manufacturer’s platform. With competing platforms jockeying for market share, settling on a successful UC strategy has been nearly impossible to achieve, with many organizations frustrated as a result. Part of the reason it is elusive is because UC means different things to different people. Success is all about achieving the right blend of technologies and features. This session will look at the successes and pitfalls of UC implementation and how to achieve that "right blend".

UCCL2 – UCC Lunch and Learn: End Users Speak Their Mind

In this panel discussion, hear from end users and industry experts on their personal day-to-day experiences with UCC. What are they able to rely on? What is still failing? What should the industry's priorities be? Explore real-world examples of achievable successes and avoidable pitfalls.


Center Stage: Game Changing Technologies

More intelligent voice control blends in with normal workflow and speech, so you don’t think about engaging the technology; you engage with colleagues and clients. Rather than simple commands such as "Lights on” or "Lights off,” you can say things such as "Start video conference” to initiate complex scenes. Co-presented by Toine Leerentveld of Crestron and Dan Quigley of Amazon®.

Manufacturer & Industry Training

What's the best way to make the most of your time at InfoComm 2017? By coming home with the knowledge you need to thrive in today’s quickly shifting technology landscape, while earning valuable CTS RUs. Crestron trainers are bringing the knowledge to you with a full schedule of courses.

Press Room