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AVIA Digital Signal Processors

Our precision-engineered Avia™ DSPs and software tool dramatically simplify audio programming, tuning, expansion, and integration. They support audio over IP using the Dante™ network and integrate natively with DigitalMedia™, touch screens, Crestron Fusion® Cloud, and unified collaboration technology as part of a comprehensive Crestron solution. Learn about the Avia Audio Tool

DSP Product Line

Model Analog Mic/Line Inputs Analog Outputs Acoustic Echo Cancellation SIP & POTS Phone Interface 8x8 USB Audio I/O Dante™ I/O Front Panel Meters Availability
DSP-860 8 6 Now Shipping
DSP-1280 12 8 Now Shipping
DSP-1281 12 8 Now Shipping
DSP-1282 12 8 Now Shipping
DSP-1283 12 8 Now Shipping


Game changing technology that simplifies professional audio setup

Dante Audio Network

I/O expansion amongst Crestron DSPs, amplifiers, and third-party vendors is easy using the integrated Dante controls on select DSP models.

Rich Control Features

Crestron makes it easy to generate and connect UI elements for touch screens.

Quick Acoustic Setup

Built in tools, including a spectrum analyzer and Crestron speaker profile library, ensure fast and accurate room tuning.

Easy Audio Expansion

Avia DSPs simplify I/O expansion with support for Dante™, VOIP, POTS, and USB.

Seamless Integration

Avia DSPs integrate natively with touch screens and other Crestron technology as part of a comprehensive AV control and automation solution.

Professional-grade Performance

Featuring components used in high-end mixing consoles, Avia DSPs deliver world-class audio performance.



Our groundbreaking Avia Audio Tool provides a powerful and intuitive workspace that streamlines audio design and programming. New controls and functions can be added on-the-fly so programmers no longer need to “re-wire and recompile” to make changes.

AVIA AUDIO Tool Main Features

Unique Channel Strip Architecture

The Avia Audio Tool utilizes a unique channel-strip architecture that simplifies the configuration process. It allows programmers to save, modify, and manage a library of custom strips to make the configuration both faster and easier.

Powerful Built-in Tools

The Avia Audio Tool ensures quick and accurate acoustic setup thanks to the built-in spectrum analyzer, virtual mixers, custom EQs, and Crestron speaker profile library.

Flawless Touch Screen UIs

Programmers can drag and drop audio controls directly into VT Pro-e® software to set up feature-rich touch screen UIs in one room, or hundreds of rooms, in minutes.

Fast Audio Configuration

The Avia Audio Tool allows you to quickly program any space using powerful drag & drop channel strips.



Multichannel Amplifiers

Our robust multichannel amplifiers are engineered to work with Avia DSPs to provide a powerful, precise, and flexible audio system for a wide range of applications. These high-efficiency amps support applications requiring simultaneous low and high impedance, as well as remote control and monitoring over the network.

AVIA Multichannel Amplifier Product Line

Model Channels Power 4/8 Ohm 70V LAN Port Availability
AMP-8075 8 75 WPC Now Shipping
AMP-8150 8 150 WPC Now Shipping

AVIA Multichannel Amplifier Features

Sophisticated features to maximize performance, efficiency, and scalability.

Pair Natively with AVIA DSPs

Our amps and DSPs work together natively and are configured via the Avia Audio Tool; units are optimized for back-of-rack cable dressing and connector access.

Professional Audio

Crestron multichannel amplifiers offer 8-channels of clean, professional power in a single rack space, with a choice of 75 or 150 Watts per channel.

Versatile Performance

Each channel is individually configurable for either low-Z (4/8 Ohm) or high-Z (70V or 100V)

Network Control & Monitoring

The new amps enable you to deliver a complete professional audio solution with full network control and visibility.

Integrator-friendly Design

The amps feature comprehensive front panel status indication and output meters; rear panels include balanced inputs and level adjustments.

High-efficiency Power Amplification

Designed for ultimate efficiency, these amps run so cool they can be direct stacked without intermediate spacing.


Modular Amplifiers

Our convenient line of modular utility amplifiers provides integrators with custom-configurable audio solutions featuring professional performance, energy-saving features, built-in fault protection, and modular construction. Thank to their compact design, multiple units can be ganged together in a single rack space or surface-mountable unit.

Modular Amplifier Product Line

Model Channels Power 4/8 Ohm 70V Rack Width Surface Mount Availability
AMP-150-70 1 50 W 1/4 Now Shipping
AMP-225 2 25 WPC 1/4 Now Shipping
AMP-1200 1 200 W 1/2 Now Shipping
AMP-1200-70 1 200 W 1/2 Now Shipping
AMP-2100 2 100 WPC 1/2 Now Shipping
AMP-2100-70 2 100 WPC 1/2 Now Shipping

Modular Amplifier Features

Professional performance meets compact, efficient design.

Professional Audio

Crestron modular amplifiers address a wide range of professional audio performance needs including volume controls, status LEDs, energy monitoring, and other features.


Space-saving Design

Our modular amps come in compact ¼ and ½ rack form factors allowing you to mix and match a range of audio capabilities in a single rack space. Both rack and surface mount kits are included.


Versatile Performance

Available models support 4/8 Ohms as well as 70 and 100 Volt applications. Four power level are available: 25, 50, 100, or 200 WPC.


High-efficiency Power Amplification

The new amps are designed for high efficiency and also offer energy-saving features including auto on/off. All units are convection cooled with internal PSU.



Avia Audio Solutions - Brochure
Get a detailed look at our best-in-class solutions for commercial audio systems, including our groundbreaking new Avia DSPs and multichannel amplifiers, as well as our convenient modular amplifiers and complete line of professional speakers.
PDF (4.10M) - Feb 21, 2017
Avia DSP Help Guide – USB Audio Configuration
This guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring USB audio when working with DSP-1282 & DSP-1283.
PDF (2.19M) - Jan 12, 2017
Avia DSP Help Guide – AMIX Configuration
Learn how automixers (AMIX) are used to improve the intelligibility of conversations and presentations by controlling the number of open mics allowed and their levels.
PDF (1.04M) - Dec 15, 2016
Avia DSP Help Guide – Cisco SIP Endpoint Configuration
This guide covers the procedure to register DSP-1282 or DSP-1283 to the Cisco® Unified Communications Manager as a basic SIP Endpoint.
PDF (3.60M) - Dec 15, 2016
Avia DSP Help Guide – Avaya SIP Enpoint Configuration
This guide covers the procedure to register DSP-1282 or DSP-1283 to the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager as a basic SIP Endpoint.
PDF (3.46M) - Dec 15, 2016
Avia DSP Help Guide – Port Configuration for SIP Calls
This guide covers the procedure to configure VoIP and LAN interface ports on DSP-1282 and DSP-1283 to handle SIP network traffic.
PDF (683.95K) - Dec 15, 2016
Avia DSP Help Guide – Spectrum Analyzer
Learn best practices and techniques for using the built-in spectrum analyzer in the Avia Audio Tool to help you deliver acoustically optimized systems.
PDF (320K) - Dec 7, 2016
Avia DSP Help Guide – AEC with POTS and SIP
Learn how to use the high performance AEC available with DSP-1282 and DSP-1283 to eliminate echo and improve intelligibility for teleconferencing and videoconferencing.
PDF (495K) - Dec 7, 2016
Avia Quick Start Course
Get an overview introduction to Avia hardware and software. Learn what you need to know about connecting, setting up, programming, tuning, and controlling Avia DSPs by watching these Quick Start videos. (Must be logged in)
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Avia Audio Solutions - Videos
These videos provide non-technical overviews of Avia hardware and software. See how Avia makes it so much faster and easier to control audio signals and properly tune any space.
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