Turning a Green Eye on the Future

        July 2008 (Page 12)

        Propelled by legislation and clients' desire to lower operational costs by reducing energy consumption, LEED certification and "green" building are trends that are gaining momentum. Our industry, especially consultants and dealers, can offer the best possible solutions to provide maximum savings for the client. No other trade can integrate all the AV, lighting, shades and HVAC to monitor, manage and control all systems centrally and remotely. AV professionals are getting involved earlier in the design process, influencing decisions that ultimately impact system performance and ROI.


        The Standardization Solution

        July 2008 (Page 10)

        Technology standardization is more than simply having a predetermined array of AV devices. An effective standardization solution should be scalable, flexible, and networkable. In order to connect every room and every device to the managed network, the platform selected must include a combination of hardware and software that can be implemented across multiple levels of size, sophistication, and budgets.


        What Business Are You In?

        July 2008 (Page 14)

        The AV industry must redefine itself if we are to continue to grow or remain relevant in the current "green" and digital age. Instead of narrowly defining ourselves simply in terms of audio and video, consider all other systems and technology that can be integrated onto the same network such as lighting, shades, and thermostats. System designers and dealers that do not offer a fully integrated solution are missing an opportunity to serve their clients best interests and increase their own business at the same time.


        Custom Control

        July 2008 (Page 18)

        The University of Rochester turned to Crestron to connect dozens of rooms throughout the campus. QuickMedia® and XPanel combine to create "Central Monitor." Central Monitor enables the university to manage more than 80 rooms from one touchpanel. Authorized users can control and monitor any number of classroom video projectors, public display devices, centralized AV matrix routers, codecs, lighting systems, or remote motorized cameras over an IP network. "Universal Program," currently used in 50 rooms, is a Crestron based control system that can sync with Central Monitor for an additional level of control, or it can be used standalone to support rooms lacking a network connection.


        Dealing with HDMI

        July 2008 (Page 38)

        The critical issue with distributing HD content is not driving the signal over long distances. Certainly the HDMI 1.3a specification of a mere 50 feet is a challenge, but one that is being addressed by several companies that are offering line drivers. The real problem lies in processing and distributing the control signals such as EDID and HDCP that are embedded in the content and transmitted via HDMI or DVI.


        Preparing for the Unexpected

        July 2008 (Page 24)

        At the heart of Michigan Technological University classroom technology are networked MPS-100 systems, which provide AV control, switching, and audio amplification. Each MPS-100 is tied into the university's network, and the entire system is monitored using RoomView software from the AV office. The school also wanted to get emergency messages to faculty and students in the classrooms quickly. AVI developed Emergency Message Transport (EMT) software, which displays messages on Crestron touchpanels. A Crestron AV2 controller acts as the head end of the messaging system, and the EMT software talks to the AV2 controller over the network. The information is then disseminated to every wired Crestron touchpanel on campus.


        The ABCs of HDCP

        July 2008 (Page 39)

        Clients using HDMI have been plagued with flashing and snowy screens, long authentication times, disabled outputs, and complete failure. Many of the problems can be ascribed to manufacturers that didn't initially appreciate the complexity of managing HDCP when selecting components and establishing development schedules. Fortunately for our industry and our clients, more sophisticated HDMI solutions are in development and scheduled for release later this year.

        Sound & Communications

        High Tech History

        July 2008 (Page 32)

        The Jamestown Settlement features a full Crestron control system that provides functionality for the AV technology in the exhibit to create an interactive experience. The IP-based Crestron system fully automates 16 separate exhibits, including a looping a short film presentation in the main theater, and the new gallery which features three exhibits with interactive audio, one of which also features theatrical lighting control. The wireless touchpanels enable staff to walk around the museum and make adjustments on the fly. The Jamestown system is connected on the network with the nearby Yorktown Victory Center. Crestron RoomView® software enables the AV specialists to centrally monitor systems, such as lamp life, to effectively manage resources.


        Mission Critical"

        July 2008 (Page 16)

        U.S. Army's Armament, Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC), located at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, wanted a robust control system - so the Army turned to Crestron. ARDEC includes a massive Command and Control Center and the new 7,000 square foot Homeland Defense Testbed Emergency Operation Center (EOC). The facility has 87 zones of lighting and 16 zones of AV, and RGB distribution systems over CAT5. The distribution systems include 400 LAN drops, QuickMedia® distribution, preview of all NTSC sources and 38 computers. Eighteen touchpanels and 17 keypads control the facility, and Crestron XPanel and RoomView® multi-user software provide global room scheduling, monitoring, controlling, and reporting of all resources and systems.


        Log Cabin Control

        July 2008 (Page 22)

        The Salvation Army's New Tabernacle at camp Tecumseh was designed to be easy for untrained users, such as camp councilors, to control the AV presentation and distribution systems. The Tabernacle is a converted log cabin that is used for a wide-range of events, including worship services, live theatrical performances and movie nights. Crestron touchpanels installed in several locations, including the pulpit and the balcony, provide the flexibility and simplicity to perform various functions quickly and reliably. The Salvation Army loves the way the system integrates with their daily routine. They can do anything they want from anywhere.

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