Sound & Communications

        HDMI - Like It or Not, It's Here To Stay

        December 2008 (Page 12)

        Gary Kayye tells commercial AV installers that HDMI is HD and it's here to stay - "deal with it." He reminds readers that S-video and RCA connectors didn't lock, but they were the standard for video. Stop whining about it and find a realiable solution that works.

        Systems Contractor News

        Controlling Influence

        December 2008 (Page 42)

        Crestron founder, President and CEO George Feldstein, is featured in a one-on-one interview and on the cover of the December issue. The two-page article reveals Mr. Feldstein's passion, genius and humility while discussing what drew him to the world of electronics, how he made the leap into the AV business and what skill sets he would encourage future engineers to acquire. It also addresses Crestron "firsts," such as the first lighting control system created for the AV market and the first control system with an Ethernet port.

        Pro AV

        The Road Ahead

        December 2008 (Page 26)

        Why are so many AV professionals positive about the future of our industry while others will roll over and die? Hear what industry execs, such as Crestron Executive VP Randy Klein, are saying about the near future, what they learned from the post 9/11 "recession" and what you must know to survive and prosper in 2009. Crestron recorded its best year ever, at that time, in the middle of the last recession. What difference can an innovative partner have on your business?

        Systems Integration Asia InAVate

        Say i for AV

        November 2008 (Page 21)

        The iPod® and Apple® iPhone™ are proving to be very "handy" devices in the world of AV integration. iPods are displacing a variety of hardware and servers, including, according to a Crestron spokesman, "Muzak subscriptions," and are an inexpensive alternative to costly hardware such as $6,000 audio servers. AV apps for iPhones, on the other hand, can be programmed via free Crestron download - enabling the user to operate home controls through the iPhone - with the ability to monitor, control and manage lighting, heating and other network controls from anywhere in the world.

        Systems Integration Asia InAVate

        MGM Grand Macau with Crestron

        November 2008 (Page 59)

        At the heart of the palatial 35-story MGM Grand Macau luxury hotel resort and casino is a seamless integration of Crestron automation. The new Crestron system, installed for the ultimate in both guest comfort and building management efficiency, can be found throughout the facility. Over 100 villas and suites, hotel entrances, casinos, restaurants, meeting rooms and the extravagant grand ballroom are controlled through Crestron processors, 12 dimmer modules, iLux control systems and Cameo keypads to help set the proper mood for any occasion.

        Residential Systems

        Autonomic Controls MCS EX2 Media Control Server

        November 2008

        Nelson Ortiz, Director of Installation, Stereo Exchange in New York City reviews Crestron integration of Autonomic Controls MCS EX2 Media Control Server. The Crestron partnership with Autonomic Controls enables full control of iTunes® and Media Center, and display of metadata such as artist, album and title directly from Crestron touchpanels. Browse, search and play music, movies, recorded TV, DVD and photos from any room within a fully integrated Crestron environment.

        CE Pro

        Vendors Solve HDMI Issues

        November 2008

        Julie Jacobson provides a detailed overview of the innovative new Crestron DigitalMedia™ solution for for HDMI content distribution. DigitalMedia virtually eliminates lag times often associated with HDMI switching such as switching delays, distance limitations, cabling and installation. Crestron QuickSwitch HD™ maintains a constant HMDI/HDCP connection to virtually eliminate switching delays. Crestropm DM also provides EDID display optimization and distributes all analog audio and video, computer and even USB control signals.

        Electronic House

        House of the Risin' Fun

        November 2008

        As they say, the show must go on! And despite the floods of Katrina and a wiped out city in the surrounds, this New Orleans living room is now a standing tribute to the city's spirit of rebirth. In a move meant to help inspire his neighbors to rebuild, this local homeowner pumped out the water and constructed a classic 12-seat (recliners, more accurately) home theater with a Crestron CP2E processor operating the lighting and HVAC controls via Isys touchpanel and keypads.

        Electronic House

        Hardwood Meets Hi-Tech

        November 2008

        You might not expect to find an elaborate Crestron control system inside this all-timber home located in the North Carolina countryside. But inside this rustic home is an enhanced Crestron automation system. The home features advanced audio and video systems and an indoor pool with a waterproof Crestron keypad for temperature and lighting controls. Once the homeowner experienced Crestron-automated luxury in his customized luxury motorcoach, he set out to provide the same amenities throughout the home.

        CE Pro

        Installer to the Stars



        October 2008

        While on the field as quarterback of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, Eli Manning is in total control. Now, at home in his luxurious condo in Hoboken, New Jersey, he can maintain total control over his home operating systems. And so can his wife. Thanks to Long Island-based Crestron installer Audio Video Crafts (AVC) the Mannings now enjoy full home AV, lighting, shade and security controls - plus, as you might expect, game film review in the study. Eli noted that even though his father, two-time Pro Bowl QB Archie Manning, knows little about today’s technology - it took Eli only about a minute to explain the entire Crestron system.

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