Living Large in Las Vegas

        July/August 2010 (Page 44)

        Crestron home automation and whole house audio/video technology turn a mega Vegas addition into an entertainment wonderland. Crestron touch panel control, lighting control and multi-room audio/video distribution complements the living room's pool with a drop down wide screen, spectacular media room and appointed wine cellar and bar. See why this luxury entertainment residence is all aces.


        Creating a Showroom That Works for You

        July 2009 (Page 2)

        There's no question, a dealer showroom is one of the most important investments you'll ever make. It gives you a place to show potential customers the advantages of numerous product offerings and solutions. From home automation technology and home theaters, to multimedia presentation solutions and integrated building control technology, and so much more. Dave Silberstein, the mastermind behind Crestron's new Customer Experience Center, shares his successful strategies for designing and building your new showroom, and how to use it to drive sales.

        AV Technology

        Distance Learning Solutions

        June 2010 (Page 47)

        The College of Osteopathic Medicine at MSU recently opened two new campuses with the goal of increasing enrollment by 50%. The expansion was made possible largely through the installation of an impressive array of classroom technology. featuring Crestron touch panel control to streamline AV distribution, video conferencing, and lighting control.

        Pro AV

        Lead With Cabling?

        Jan/Feb 2010 (Page 36)

        What if integrators parlayed AV wiring into an advantage that could get them in the door sooner - namely running AV signals over category cabling? See how Crestron QuickMedia transport technology led one integrator to a very large project at Washington State University's Compton Union Building - aka the CUB.

        Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit

        Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Security Unit Commends Crestron DigitalMedia™ Technology

        April, 2010 (Page 2)

        Crestron was proud to play a leading role in meeting the demanding audio/video requirements for the security provisions of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Working closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police AV personnel, Crestron DigitalMedia technology delivered the rigorous levels of control and functionality required. As a testament to Crestron's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrated AV solutions, service levels, and professionalism, we are honored to receive this personal letter of thanks from the RCMP's AV Planner & Coordinator, Mr. Paul Weisbeck.

        Luxury CE

        Pulling out the Stops. How Crestron Brainstormed and Built its New ADMS Intermedia Delivery System

        Feb/March 2010 (Page 51)

        The world has never experienced home entertainment like this before. Get an inside look at how the ADMS Intermedia Delivery System with WorldSearch was conceived. Then see how it revolutionizes the way home entertainment is experienced.

        Luxury CE

        It's Showtime! A look inside Crestron's newest Experience Center

        Feb/March 2010 (Page 32)

        Take a guided tour through the new 8,000-square-foot space Crestron experience center, located at its Rockleigh, NJ world headquarters. One of eleven throughout the country, and its grandest to date. The fully immersive center provides integrators, consultants, interior designers, and architects with a space to introduce clients to Crestron, collaborate with system designers and demonstrate the latest home and building control technology - all in elegantly appointed, fully-functioning application environments.

        CE Pro

        Crestron ADMS 'Ultimate Content Machine' is Shipping

        January 2010 (Page 2)

        Your sitting in your home theater and with a tap on a touchscreen, have instant access to all movies, videos, music, and Internet content available in the world. Crestron's ADMS Intermedia Delivery System takes the world of home entertainment to places never before seen. Like the telephone, cable TV, personal computers, cell phones, the Internet and the iPod®, an innovation in technology comes along every now and then that changes the way we live. Well, it's every now and then.

        Sound & Video Contractor

        Built to Order

        December 2009 (Page 40)

        From the ground up, the tenants of The David Braley Cardiac, Vascular, and Stroke Research Institute helped envision the facility's complex and sophisticated AV systems design with Crestron at the controls.

        Systems Contractor News

        SCN 2009 Top 50 Integrators

        December, 2009 (Page 28)

        Now, as news of an impending economic recovery gradually manifests itself on balance sheets, many are preparing to move forward. As the calendar year comes to a close, SCN presents its annual compendium of business outlooks from the top ranks of commercial AV integration.

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