Residential Systems

        Visiting Crestron’s New American Home

        January 21, 2014 (Page 1)

        Residential Systems Contributor, John Sciacca takes a detour from the Consumer Electronics Show to visit a fully integrated Las Vegas show house featuring Crestron home automation. Indoor and outdoor become one when Crestron technology provides the entertainment.

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        Sound & Video Contractor

        Crestron Saros IC8T In-ceiling Speakers Audio Review



        December 2013 (Page 72)

        Sound & Video Contractor puts the Crestron Saros 8-inch In-Ceiling speakers through its paces. Conclusion from the reviewer: They're aesthetically unobtrusive and flexible in terms of signal routing, offering 70V and 100V distributed audio modes, along with 8Ω operation. They should be on the short list for anyone in the market for quality in-ceiling speakers.

        Commercial Integrator

        Crestron Adds Video Transmission to Card-Based DigitalMedia Matrix Switchers

        November 4, 2013 (Page 1)

        Crestron has announced it now offers dealers its new DMCO 7-Series output cards to provide H.264 video transmission capabilities from its DM line of matrix switchers.

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        Crestron PROCISE PSPHD Surround Sound Processor Reviewed

        September 30, 2013 (Page 1) takes a look at the PROCISE PSPHD Surround Sound Processor and PROAMP.

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        Sound & Communications

        Digital Demands Of Race & Sports Book

        September 2013 (Page 26)

        Sound & Communications featured the Crestron installation of DM in the Mirage Race & Sports Book in their latest IT/AV report. Upgrading the old system to DM was not an easy task, but it has put The Mirage Race & Sports Book on the map as one of the premier attractions in Las Vegas.

        Residential Systems

        One Question Leads to A Home Automation, Lighting, AV, and Security Project

        June 5, 2013

        Dave Raines, president of New York home automation contractor Osbee Industries, went into a beautiful Manhattan townhouse to talk about a new intercom and started asking questions. His client had an extensive art collection, but next to the beautiful artwork were ugly lighting switches. The client thought this was how it had to be. Osbee began explaining what an integrated home is all about, and the homeowner liked what he heard. Osbee technicians, working hand in hand with a security contractor and various tradesmen, ended up tearing out the piecemeal systems. The new system they installed brings security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, audio, and video together with simplified Crestron controls.

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        Residential Systems

        Touchpanel Manufacturers Remain Committed to Proprietary Control Devices

        July 22,2013

        The factors behind the latest touchpanel and remote innovations are as varied as the graphical user interfaces that are designed to tap into the powerful control properties embedded in them, but what nearly all manufacturers find critical and necessary to new approaches in design and functionality of their new products is customer feedback. This is certainly true at Crestron, where the desire to create an intuitive user experience led to the development of Smart Graphics, the company's new GUI elements.

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        Electronic House

        Swim-Up Theater Delivers Texas-Sized Projection System

        June 19, 2013

        Some of the most creative home technology integration happens outside of the house, in backyards, patios and pools. Integrating a big projection-based theater system into a decorative waterfall is something we've never seen before. The whole installation is integrated by a Crestron control system. A touchscreen remote, two handheld remotes and a floating, waterproof remote are used to control all the music and movie magic. Two DVRs and a Samsung Blu-ray player supply the movies and TV shows to all the displays, managed by a 4x4 matrix switcher.

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        Residential Systems

        Architectural Loudspeakers Still in Demand on High-end Projects

        July 26,2013

        Residential Systems takes a look at financial Industry executive Jay Dweck's home and sound systems in the August issue. His speakers were always rigorously vetted by what he considers a "pretty good set of ears-mine." His protocol was straightforward: bring several pairs of candidate speakers into his listening rooms and test them on site. But when he applied that regimen to in-wall speakers, it turned into a whole other process, with the accent on "hole." Crestron's Aspire® speakers made the cut (pun intended) for the in-wall winner for the most audiophile areas of the house.

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        Residential Systems

        My Unexpected Crestron Experience

        March 5, 2013

        New Crestron dealer and Residential Systems contributor, Todd Anthony Puma shares his 'Unexpected Crestron Experience' with readers.

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