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        Cost Savings! ZUMMESH-JBOX-DALI cuts hardware control requirements and saves about 25%*


        The Zūm™ Wireless ZUMMESH-JBOX-DALI is a single-channel DALI controller capable of controlling up to 64 DALI compatible drivers. The ZUMMESH-JBOX-DALI communicates with other Zūm devices, such as keypads, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors.

        Zūm Mesh wireless technology affords easy “pair and play” integration as part of a complete Zūm commercial lighting system. Energy-saving options are available to enable daylighting, occupancy or vacancy sensing, HVAC system integration, and centralized monitoring and management.

        Key Features

        • Zūm™ wireless junction-box-mounted DALI controller
        • Pair and play wireless integration with Zūm keypads, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors
        • Zūm Mesh peer-to-peer RF communications for easy integration into a complete standalone or networked Zūm wireless lighting control solution
        • Control of DALI compliant dimmable LED or fluorescent loads
        • Supports all DALI drivers, including TYPE 8, and DALI 2.0 compliant fixtures
        • Accommodation for a Zūm™ Network Bridge
        • Accommodates up to 15 DALI Groups, up to 64 DALI devices
        • DALI Power Supply, providing 14 V on the DALI Bus
        • Flying lead wiring connections
        • Knockout mount to a standard 4-inch square junction box
        • IECC 2018 open office energy code compliant
        • Zūm HUB with ZUMMESH DALI can support up to 65,000 drivers on a single system!