Stay up to date on the latest Crestron Home updates and improvements.

        Stay up to date on the latest Crestron Home updates and improvements.

        Crestron Home is built to evolve.

        Updates, new features and products are always being added and can always be found here:

        Update number: 3.000.0249
        Date: 2.4.2020
        Changes since last version

        Dark Mode on iPhone® and iPad® – Crestron Home now supports “Dark Mode” on the latest iPhone and iPad models. Simply turn on Dark Mode from the Control Center or set it to automatically turn on at night from the device settings.

        Pool/Spa control – Control water temperature, fountain features, jet speed, and more via Ethernet, serial, or cloud for Jandy®, Hayward®, and Pentair® products.

        Adjoining room media control – A single touch on a keypad will now turn on the same music playing in the next room.

        New device support - PoE occupancy sensor (CEN-ODT-C-POE) and wireless international shade motor controller (CLCI-MCEX-W).

        Great upgrade opportunity – Update your existing Crestron Pyng® Hub customers to the MC4-R and Crestron Home. Migration is easy using the myCrestron monitoring service.

        Additional security - Hide sensitive subsystems, such as security, home access, and cameras, on the Crestron Home UI behind a password.

        Update number: 3.000.0117
        Date: 11.12.2019
        Changes since last version
        • Added support for Smart TVs
        • Added support for renaming rooms from the iOS Crestron Home app
        • Improved UX for House Access, including Garage Doors, Gates, and Door Locks
        • Added “Choose Layout” to all Horizon keypads and dimmers
        • Allows keypads to be fully configured before buttons arrive
        • Added support for Google Voice
        • Added support for DIN-2LEDPWM8
        • Added support for DM-MD6x6
        • Added support for DM-MD6x4
        • Added support for Universal Distribution Amplifiers
        • Added support for Horizon EX dimmers
        • Added support for CEN-IO-xx products
        Turn off SSL manually using Toolbox before adding these devices
        • Now allows security systems to connect to any COM port
        PYNG-CONNECT-COM no longer required

        Other Notes:

        1. Follow the steps in the TSR-310 release notes to ensure you have the Performance UI loaded and running on the TSR-310s.
        2. Upgrading from OS 2 to OS 3 will put the CP4-R into secure mode, if its not already. Make sure you note the serial number of the CP4-R before upgrading.
        3. See the instructions in the CP4-R Product Manual for upgrading to OS 3 and for the procedure to add TSW-xx60 touchscreens to OS 3.
        4. See the upgrade videos here:

        IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use the BACnet Alerts feature in this version. You can continue to use BACnet, just not the Alerts feature in BACnet thermostats. It can cause the entire system configuration to fail to load on the next reboot. This will be addressed in the next release.

        Update number: 3.000.0063
        Date: 09.01.2019
        Changes since last version
        • Added Crestron Home support
        • Added support for iOS App: Crestron Home
        • Added support for iOS dealer-facing App: Crestron Home App
        • Added support for Crestron Home user experience on TSW-xx60 touchscreens
        • Added support for BACnet thermostats, including CoolMaster
        • Added support Quick Actions per room

        Other Notes:

        1. Follow the steps in the TSR-310 releaes notes to ensure you have the Performance UI loaded and running on the TSR-310s.
        2. See the instructions in the CP4-R Product Manual for upgrading to OS 3 and for the procedure to add TSW-xx60 touchscreens to OS 3.

        Updating from OS 2 to OS 3

        Update number: 2.003.0023
        Date: 05.31.2019
        Changes since last version
        • Fixed issue where after a thermostat is first added, it would not be controllable unless the thermostat was rebooted.
        Update number: 2.003.0021
        Date: 05-20-2019
        Changes since last version
        • The CP3-R to CP4-R Deploy Code import feature now allows you easily take your CP3-R configuration and convert it to a CP4-R without losing any setup. The CP3-R configuration is backed up to the cloud, so the backup file can be uploaded to a CP4-R. See CP4-R manual for instructions.
        • Added support for double power off for IR projectors.
        • Added support for the HD-XSP.
        • Added support for the DIN-1TSTAT8.
        • Fixed issue where TV presets with repeating numbers could skip a number
        • The REST API is not available in this version and will be re-enabled in a future update.
        • When using the DIN-1TSTAT8 with a TSR-310 (v1.003.0038.001), setpoints are non functional. This will be addressed in an update to the TSR-310 firmware.
        • If restoring a CP4-R via the myCrestron deploy code, the TSR-310s will show “No system configured”. The system is correctly configured, to recover, simply reboot the TSR-310s.
        Update number: 2.003.0027
        Date: 05.10.2019
        Changes since last version
        • Added support for INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT Door sensor.
        • Improved TSR-310 reconnect robustness
        Update number: 2.001.0110
        Date: 03-29-2019
        Changes since last version
        Added support for Media Scenes.

        Now, you can route any source to any room(s) and turn off media in one or more rooms. Now your customers can configure buttons to:

        • Turn everything off in the home, including AV
        • Turn everything off in any room
        • Route Sonos® devices or any other source to specific rooms

        Any place you can recall lighting scenes you can recall media scenes, too, including:

        • Scheduled events
        • Quick Actions
        • Button presses
        • Remote triggers

        Removed 10 second timeout that would flip out of the source control page when a route was detected as incompatible.

        Update Version: 2.001.0104
        Date: 02-01-2019
        Changes since last version
        • Added support for DIN-THSTAT

        Important: If there is a TSR-310 in the same system, you must have TSR-310 v1.003.0037.001, or newer.

        • Added support for new DM-NVX products
        • DM-NVX-E30
        • DM-NVX-D30
        • DM-NVX-352

        Important: Important note: When integrating these new NVX products with existing NVX products, it is required to have all the NVX devices on the network upgraded to the same NVX firmware.

        • Added support for DMC-CPU3 Card for DM card-based chassis
        • Added support for CLX-1DIMU4-HP
        • Added support for CLXI-2DIMU8
        • Added support for new Yale lock models:
        • YRL256
        • CLK-YL-YRL216-CR-xxx
        • CLK-YL-YRL226-CR-xxx
        • Corrected bug, that was newly introduced in the December (v2.001.0093) release, that broke stacking multiple C2N-AMP-4X100s/C2N-AMP-6X100s
        • Fixed ONVIF discovery bug that could lead to CP3-R lockups
        • Fixed ONVIF discovery bug that would have not listed certain ONVIF camera in the discovered list in Pyng.
        • With LG IP display drivers there have been intermittent source selection issues witnessed the first time a source is selected. When this occurs, selecting the source again corrects the issue. This is currently being seen with driver 65SJ9500 v2.04.003.0023.
        Update number: 2.001.0093
        Date: 12.03.2018
        Changes since last version
        • Added support for the TSR-310 Performance UI

        To take advantage of this you will need to:

        1. Remove any existing TSR-310s from Pyng by deleting them from the Pyng Configuration App
        2. Load TSR-310 firmware TSR-310 v1.003.0025, or later (when available)
        3. Type “Initialize” at the TSR-310 console (once TSR-310s start shipping from the factory with the above version, or if the remote is not already added to Pyng you can skip this step).
        4. Re-Add the TSR-310 to Pyng in the Pyng configuration App
          • Moved power toggle Commands to the top of the overflow list
          • Added support for 2N Door Stations for TSW-x60 touch screens
            1. Minimum 2N firmware required: v2.25
            2. Minimum TSW-x60 firmware required: v2.003.0028 (when available)
            3. See the latest CP3-R manual for details
          • Added support for reporting name changes for existing Yale 216 and 226 models
          • Added support for the HD-XSPA
          • Added logging to the diagnostics screen to explain why a media route has failed
          • Added support for 45 minute fade times
          • Changed the text to make it more clear that Ethernet devices include both, wired Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
        • Corrected issue with C2N-AMP-6X100 outputs 7 and 8
        • Corrected issue with connectors added to new AVR drivers
        - If using any AVR driver posted on the driver portal after 12-03-2018 you must use this version of Pyng firmware, or higher
        • Fixed issue where replace for EX remotes was not working
        • Corrected issue where some LG displays were not showing attributes in the Settings menu
        • Displays separate line items for each driver model instead of only showing 1 per driver file
        • Resolved issue where changing the COM port would not let the device go into the ready state
        • Resolved issue where CP3-R built-in COM ports were not working with AVRs.