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        The strategy that makes you even more successful.

        The strategy that makes you even more successful.

        Building a better business model

        The smart home category is growing at an incredible pace. To make sure your business grows as fast as the opportunity presents itself, we’ve gathered webinars, articles and specialist ready to offer advice and expertise.

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        Our specialists will take you through a Crestron Home demo, and all of the business reasons that make a Crestron Home a smart business decision. For you and for your clients.

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        Crestron Home Webinars

        Choose the webinar that will best help you build the right solution for your clients. And if you’re interested in a particular subject or question, let us know.

        Q&A Webinar CP4-R and OS 3

        Following the incredible success of the CP4-R launch webinar this new session will aim to go back through the questions that were received as well as allow live questions during the session. With no presentation planned, the entire time will be dedicated to answering previous questions and live on the floor discussion. Joining the panel will be John Clancy, VP Residential and Jason Oster, Technology Manager, Residential Platforms. 


        John Clancy, VP Residential 
        Jason Oster, Technology Manager, Residential Platforms. 


        Michael Short, Global Residential Marketing Manager 

        Audience: Sales, Technical, Owners, Marketing

        Introducing the all new CP4-R and Crestron Home OS 3

        A revolutionary evolution. This incredibly exciting webinar will take you through understanding why we have made the brand change from Crestron Pyng to Crestron Home. We’ll talk you through the power of the brand new CP4-R processor explaining exactly what it is and how far it can take you! And finally we’ll showcase the all new Crestron Home OS 3 user experience, a gigantic step change in the end user experience of the operating system. Throughout the session we will also cover some key sales information including the migration paths from the Pyng Hub to CP4-R, CP3-R to CP4-R and answer as many questions live as we can. 


        Q&A: Download Answers Here


        Michael Short, Global Residential Marketing Manager 
        John Clancy, VP Residential 
        Doug Jacobson, Director Residential Technology 

        Moderator: Michael Short, Residential Marketing Manager 


        Selling and designing with Crestron Pyng OS2

        Learn all about how Crestron Sales Support Services can help you design & quote a system based on the new Crestron Pyng Operating System. With the recent launch of OS2 Scott Patterson, Manager - Solutions Engineering, Gary Spraker, Manager, Residential Sales Engineering and Jason Oster, Technology Manager, Software Development Platforms will go into detail about the benefits of SSS and Pyng OS2 and how the operating system can make your business more profitable. 

        Pyng OS 2 – Re-cap and technical deep dive

        Jason Oster, Technology Manager, Software Development Platforms will run a quick session re-capping what's new with OS 2 before spending time taking you through a technical deep dive of the operating system. We'll also run a live Q&A during the technical demo to answer as many questions as we go.

        Introducing Crestron Pyng OS2 and the new Crestron CP3-R

        This special product launch webinar will officially introduce the latest and live updates to the Crestron Pyng Operating System (OS2) as well as the first view and launch of the brand new Crestron CP3-R. Michael Short, Global Residential Marketing Manager will outline the latest marketing assets for OS2 and the CP3-R and he will be joined by Jason Oster, Technology Manager, Software Development Platforms to talk you through everything you need to know from a technology perspective. This is one session not to be missed! Crestron Pyng® OS 2 powers setup and deployment of the renowned Crestron smart home experience. You can deliver complete customized automation and control of your clients’ homes, including video, at incredible speed. And with an unparalleled user experience they’ll love. Pyng OS2 is the operating system of the world’s smartest homes.

        Maximize your efficiency with Crestron Pyng

        Jason Oster Technology Manager, Software Development Platforms will run a session on how to use the online configuration tool for Pyng and maximise your efficiency with the platform. With a number of incredibly exciting Pyng updates already implemented and the biggest of the all Pyng Video coming soon, this session will be of huge benefit to all of those wanting to learn more about the platform for current or future use. Download the Q&A Answer sheet here.

        Learn from the best in the business

        Stay on top of the trends and opportunities in smart home solutions.  We’re always adding more so be sure to check in from time to time.

        Why I believe Crestron Home can revolutionise your business model Blog by John Clancy, VP Residential

        We have been saying over and over for the last year if not more that the Crestron Pyng® operating system continues to be a huge focus for us. Last year we launched OS 2 and launching this spring and something I’m sure you have all seen already will be an absolutely revolutionary update for the custom smart home industry, Crestron Home powered by OS 3.

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