Surround Sound Tuning Kit for Crestron audio processors featuring MultEQ XT

        A calibrated microphone and other hardware for proper calibration of the Crestron AMS, AMS-AIP, and PSPHD surround sound processors.

        The CSSTK provides the hardware necessary for performing audio calibration of Crestron® surround sound systems featuring Audyssey MultEQ®XT technology. These include the Adagio® Media System (AMS or AMS-AIP), and the PROCISE™ Professional High-Definition Surround Sound Processor (PSPHD). The heavy duty plastic case contains a professional calibrated microphone, boom stand, 6 ft USB cable, and a selection of mic cables for up to 65 ft total length. Complete setup requires a computer running Crestron Pro Sound Tools or Crestron Toolbox™ software.

        There are no additional specifications available for this product.