Cresnet Power Supply, 300 Watts

        • 300 Watt regulated power supply
        • 8 independently managed outputs
        • 16 Cresnet distribution ports

        Crestron control systems can put a friendly face on any complete integrated AV or automation solution. To support the myriad touchpanels, keypads, and other peripherals that make up a control system, the C2N-SPWS300 provides a convenient and compact centralized power and termination solution.

        Intelligent Power Distribution

        The C2N-SPWS300 is a 300 Watt regulated power supply designed for powering a large network of Cresnet devices. Power is supplied on eight individually managed outputs. Each output is rated for up to 75 Watts, with a total system rating of 300 Watts. Electronic circuit breaker protection is provided on every output, which can be individually monitored and reset from the control system. The voltage level at each output can even be monitored along with ambient temperature and fault status for the complete power supply system.

        Sequential Switching

        To minimize current inrush upon startup, the C2N-SPWS300 implements sequential switching of its eight outputs. The startup process may be activated automatically when AC power is applied, or when 24 Volts DC is sensed coming from the control system or another power supply.

        Cresnet Distribution

        Connected to the Master port of any 2-Series Crestron control system, the C2N-SPWS300 provides a total Cresnet distribution solution. Carrying both data and power, the 16 Cresnet ports afford great flexibility for the termination of numerous Cresnet devices, with easy expansion using C2N-HBLOCK termination blocks. It is also ideally designed to enhance the built-in Cresnet distribution capabilities of the PAC2 Professional Automation Control System.

        Versatile Mounting Options

        The C2N-SPWS300 can be installed in a Crestron CAEN Automation Enclosure using the optional CAEN-MK (sold separately), or rack mounted using the optional C2N-RMAK (sold separately). Alternately, the C2N-SPWS300 may simply be placed on a shelf or mounted to any vertical surface using its built-in mounting flanges.

        Key Features
        • 300 Watt regulated power supply
        • 8 independently managed outputs
        • 16 Cresnet distribution ports
        • Cresnet monitoring and control
        • Expands the Cresnet power and distribution capabilities of any 2-Series control system
        Load Ratings
          Per Channel 75 Watts (3.125 Amps) @ 24 Volts DC regulated
          System Total 300 Watts (12.5 Amps) @ 24 Volts DC regulated
          Ripple / Noise <150 mV
          Load Protection Electronic circuit breaker per channel, each rated at 75 watts nominal / 100 watts maximum; 4 Amp, 125V internal fuse; all channels shut off in case of total system overload
          Sequential Startup Outputs activate sequentially when power supply system is enabled (see PWR ON, PWR OFF/SLAVE control)
        Power Requirements
          4 Amps, 100-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
          1 – 8 (16) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal blocks comprising (2) paralleled Cresnet ports per each of (8) output channels;
        24 Volt DC power outputs with Cresnet data pass-thru from NET port
          NET (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;
        Ordinarily connects to the Master Cresnet port of a control system;
        Cresnet data ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ terminals pass through to ports 1 – 8;
        Applying 24 Volts DC to the ‘24’ and ‘G’ terminals enables the power supply system when in “SLAVE” mode
          AC Line (1) attached input power cable (~1 ft long) with inline IEC320 socket;
        Connects to grounded AC power source using 3-prong power cable or pigtail cable, both provided
          PWR ON, PWR OFF/SLAVE (1) rocker switch; enables/disables the power supply system if no external DC voltage is applied to the NET port, or selects “SLAVE” mode to allow enabling the power supply system remotely by applying an external 24V DC signal to the NET port
          RESET 1 – 8 (8) miniature pushbuttons; each resets its respective output channel, or momentarily disables the channel while held
          SYSTEM RESET (1) miniature pushbutton; resets all output channels sequentially, or momentarily disables all channels while held
          SETUP (1) miniature pushbutton; used for touch-settable ID (TSID)
        LED Indicators
          PWR 1 – 8 (green) Indicate 24V DC power present at each channel output
          OVRLD 1 – 8 (red) Indicate a load in excess of 75 watts on a given channel, channel output disabled
          SYSTEM OVRLD (red) Indicates a total load in excess of 300 watts on the power supply system, all channels disabled
          PWR (green) Indicates power supply system is enabled
          NET (yellow) Indicates communication with Cresnet system
          SETUP (red) Used for touch-settable ID (TSID)
          Temperature 41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
          Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
          Chassis Aluminum, black anodized with polycarbonate label overlay, convection-cooled, vented top and sides
          Mounting Surface mount using (2) integral mounting flanges, or 3U 19-inch rack-mountable (C2N-RMAK rack kit sold separately)
          CAEN Automation Enclosure Occupies 1 module space in a single-width enclosure, or 2 side-by-side module spaces in a double-width enclosure (CAEN-MK mounting kit sold separately)
          Height 5.19 in (13.18 cm)
          Width 13.25 in (33.66 cm)
          Depth 3.29 in (8.36 cm)
          5.3 lb (2.4 kg)