Fulfilling the promise of
        "Microsoft for every space"

        After a decade of collaboration, Crestron and Microsoft have developed new products specifically designed to leverage the power of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business in the modern workplace:


        Crestron SR, the next generation Skype room system, enables you to natively run Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business in meeting rooms of every shape and size: conference spaces, board rooms, multipurpose spaces, and auditoriums across the broadest range of industries.

        Crestron Mercury, the only open Unified Communications solution, enables you to natively run Skype for Business in huddle spaces, conference rooms, and open spaces while supporting future Microsoft Teams enhancements.
        Only Crestron bridges AV, UC, and control to provide a robust and broad portfolio of solutions for all the places people work and in companies of every size. Additionally, Crestron uniquely gives you the ability to migrate to Microsoft Teams over time without costly changes to hardware. Thanks to this unique approach, you can confidently purchase and install Crestron solutions today while recognizing the need to support migration in the future.
        Long-standing partnership
        These solutions represent more than just the latest collaboration between Crestron and Microsoft; they’re the culmination of a much longer journey that Crestron and Microsoft started together over a decade ago. Now, as Microsoft moves from Unified Communication to Intelligent Communication, Crestron is ready to support their vision; whether you’re using an on-premise implementation of Skype for Business, running a hybrid deployment of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, or fully committed to IC and Microsoft Teams within M365/O365.
        Harnessing the power of intelligent communications
        Intelligent Communications, as recently defined by Microsoft, is a natural extension of the decade-long commitment Crestron and Microsoft share. Our combined solutions are a direct reflection of our joint commitment to improving the effectiveness, productivity, and agility of meetings in every organization. Organizations across the globe who enjoy the full benefits of Crestron will now benefit from an expanded set of capabilities with IC.

        Your investment is safe with us
        Unlike our competitors, we offer the broadest portfolio of solutions that meet the most stringent security requirements, while providing flexibility to evolve applications (Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, as an example) without replacing costly hardware. The latest generation of solutions does this without the need for costly programming, leveraging modern cloud provision tools to reduce installation time by up to 90%.
        As you continue your journey with Microsoft from Unified Communications to Intelligent Communications, Crestron uniquely delivers unmatched solutions to equip meeting spaces of every size with innovative UC/IC, coupled with automation and control capabilities found nowhere else in the market.