YES. See how any network, any ask. DM NVX says yes. 

Every picture perfect every time. 

The only network AV solution with Pixel Perfect processing–DM NVX™.
Technology so advanced you can’t tell the difference between DM NVX and direct source. All over 1Gb.

PiXOS Animation - Slider Revolution

In an AV world filled with no’s, DM NVX says yes.

Any network. Any type of content. Any type of room. Anywhere.

Affordable. Scalable. Flexible. Secure.


DM NVX. The 1Gb network AV solution that delivers flawlessly.

“In my opinion, NVX is the future of AV Integration.."

 - Joe Ness, Director of Entertainment, Electronics and Media,
Peppermill Resort Hotel, Reno NV
For the best sportsbook in Nevada, latency is not an option. Less than flawless video is not an option. Losing a millisecond of audio is not an option. And DM NVX delivers every day.  All in less time, for less money, while using Peppermill’s existing infrastructure. 


Limited scope interoperability in Microsoft Teams® room systems, Cisco WebEx® room systems, and Zoom Rooms™ systems

Microsoft has created alliances between themselves, Cisco, and Zoom for room systems interoperability. Each of the participants in this alliance will be able to leverage this new solution to deliver a depreciated meeting experience for each other’s platforms on their own room system devices. 

December 13, 2019 Get the whole story
The Road to Skull Canyon

Over the last decade, Crestron has committed to developing a relationship with an iconic chip manufacturer. Crestron understood that such a partnership had the potential to  reshape the business, the company and the industry.

January 3, 2020 Get the whole story
Microsoft Team Rooms — Cannot Fetch Calendar

If you have a Microsoft Teams room and are setting it up for the first time, or even had a recent update, you might have seen this banner on your system. The question is, what caused this or how do I troubleshoot this? While the system seems to work, it just does not show the calendar of the logged in account and some have had difficulty knowing where to start.

January 13, 2020 Get the whole story

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