Commercial Integrator

        Q&A: How Will Demand for Video Conferencing Evolve in 2015?

        December 30, 2014

        Three industry insiders, icluding Crestron's Joe Sarrasin, speculate on how unified communications and video conferencing technologies will expand and improve in the next year.

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        Las Vegas Review-Journal

        Integrated systems allow for control of home gadgetry by smartphone

        October 19, 2014

        Luxury high-end homes have many beautiful and sensual features, including exotic woods, illuminated glass, sculpted stonework, soothing water, aromatic landscapes, decorative art and scenic views. However, some of a luxury home’s more elaborate features are invisible and operate quietly in the background to subtly shape the living space. Las Vegas Review-Journal takes a look at Crestron home technology.

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        The Telegraph

        Crestron: the age of the fully automated house

        December 6, 2014

        “Home automation” is a topic that makes peoples’ eyes glaze over, unless they’re hard-core gadget geeks. But tell the non-techie that “Crestron makes homes like the Jetsons’,” and – to those above a certain age – all becomes clear. Reporter, Ken Kessler takes a trip to Crestron's NJ Headquarters and New York Design Showroom to learn more about Crestron's home automation solutions.

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        CE Pro

        Editor’s Picks: 12 Best Products of 2014

        December 4, 2014

        CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer shares his best products of 2014 in the custom install market.

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        Residential Systems

        Best Sellers: Industry Manufacturers Reveal 2014's Top-Selling Products

        December 2, 2014

        In what most would consider a bounce back year for the custom electronics installation business, manufacturers are more encouraged about their product development efforts and are actually happy to discuss their product success stories again. Residential Systems felt that this month was a great time to check in with their friends supplying products and technologies to the trade, and let them puff their chests a little bit about their 2014 top sellers.

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        The Morning Blend

        The Morning Blend

        November 21, 2014

        The Morning Blend demonstrates the most flexible, adjustable, and reliable home automation app. From the moment you wake to when your head hits the pillow at night, Crestron Pyng makes life easier, more enjoyable, and more secure. Crestron Pyng is the home automation app that is tailored to your lifestyle. Lights, shades, door locks, thermostats, and even the security system all work together intelligently. Crestron Pyng seamlessly blends into your daily routine, whether you're at home or away, so you stay connected to what's most important.

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        Commercial Integrator

        Inside the Bureaucracy: How to Crack the Government Integration Market

        November 12, 2014

        Crestron’s Gregory Fechner reveals advice for integrators hoping to infiltrate the government market, including initial steps to take and common pitfalls to avoid.

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        Sound & Communications

        Point-of-view 4K

        October 22, 2014 (Page 38)

        At InfoComm in Las Vegas, Sound & Communications was given a brief overview of the Crestron 4K Certified program, which is non-proprietary: They test any manufacturer’s products to ensure that they are truly “4K.” S&C felt that a “tour” of this facility might give readers a better idea of what is involved in ensuring that these new products actually work with all of the other elements in the systems.

        Electronic House

        Feel the Music in this New York Brownstone

        October 2014

        Audio enthusiast goes beyond hifi to incorporate a complete automation system in his NY digs. (This is an excerpt from Electronic House’s new eBook: A Complete Guide to Buying, Owning and Enjoying a Home Automation System. The full eBook is available for purchase. Visit for more details.

        Commercial Integrator

        Hands On Review--AirMedia

        October (Page 56)

        THE PHRASES “easy to install” and “makes collaboration easy” can be found in just about every press release or product description. Commercial Integrator decided to put Crestron’s bold claims about its AirMedia wireless presentation solution to the test — not in the tiny conference room we use at Commercial Integrator; we thought an integrator using the device to collaborate with its team would result in much better insight for our readers. Indeed, the folks at Mode:Green were happy to put to the test phrases like “simple plug-and-play installation”and “enables anyone to walk into a room, connect to the existing display over Wi-Fi and wirelessly present HD content from their personal smart phone, tablet or laptop.”

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