CTI Online Course:

        XiO Cloud (Cloud Provisioning)

        Crestron XiO Cloud (Cloud Provisioning) helps you quickly manage all your devices within your environment. The platform allows you to perform many functions add devices to your system in order to manage their status, settings, update firmware as well as set up new users, access levels and automated alerts. The lessons in this course provides system administrators a step by step understanding on performing all these function.

        Lesson 1.0:


        This lesson provides a brief overview of the Crestron Cloud Provisioning software, describes what it is used for, and how it works.

        Lesson 2.0:

        Managing Devices

        In this lesson, you will be able to create, rename, and add new devices to new groups.

        Lesson 3.0:

        Working with Devices

        For this lesson, you will be able to view a device’s status, configure a device, create group settings, update a device’s firmware, and apply and remove licenses.

        Lesson 4.0:

        Managing Users

        In this lesson, you will be able to add a new user, configure user’s profile, describe the different levels of user permissions, and select and manage user permissions.

        As an extension of the Crestron XiO Cloud/Provisioning End User training modules, the following PDF document explains the following new features and updates.
        • Home Screen
        • Drag and Drop Feature
        • New Tabs
        • Settings Tab
        • Dashboard Tab
        • Activity Log Tab
        • Status (Group) Tab
        • Scheduled Actions

        Click here to view document

        Lesson 5.0:

        Program Load

        In this lesson you will learn how to:
        • Upload a control system program and load it to multiple control systems
        • Manage and edit control system programs
        • Disable and enable the “What’s New” message feature

        Lesson 6.0:


        In this we will go over alerting information in XiO Cloud
        • Setting contact information
        • Managing Alerts customization
        • Viewing Alerts on mobile, email and within the application itself

        Lesson 7.0:

        Program Load for 3-Series Processors® and Unclaiming Devices.

        In this lesson you will learn how to:
        • Unclaim a device from XiO Cloud
        • Upload a new program
        • Manage program files
        • Load programs onto a device

        Lesson 8.0:

        Changes to User Management

        In this lesson you will learn how to:
        • Enable single sign-on (SSO)
        • Add a new user with SSO enabled
        • Log in with SSO enabled

        Lesson 9.0:

        Remote Control

        In this lesson you will learn how to:
        • Control TSW and TSS touch screen user interfaces remotely

        Lesson 10.0:

        Adding Multiple Devices to XiO Cloud at Once

        In this lesson you will learn how to:
        • Using Toolbox Tool and Microsoft Excel®; you can Add Multiple Devices to XiO Cloud at once.

        Lesson 11.0:

        Single Sign on Using Okta, Settings Enforcement, and API.

        In this lesson you will learn how to:
        • Sign-in using Okta
        • Change settings on devices.
        • Enable API