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        "Toolbox" is a Crestron software package, which contains a multitude of applications that enable configuration and diagnostics of any Crestron device. This tutorial explains each tool and describes the features available for communicating with control systems, touch panels and other devices. This course is required prior to attending the following courses Introduction to Crestron, DigitalMedia Certification - Engineer, Crestron Lighting Control Systems.

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        Crestron Toolbox Introduction

        This chapter explains the overall features of the Crestron Toolbox Application.

        Address Book

        In this video we will cover how to use the address book to enable quick access to communication with control systems and other Crestron devices.

        Text Console Tool

        In this video learn how to use Text Console to work directly with Crestron Devices console commands. This direct-access method can be used to complete tasks quickly.

        Network Device Tree View & SMW Program Tree View

        In this video learn how to communicate with network device on Ethernet and Cresnet. This tool allows you to work with devices settings as well as load project files and firmware.

        File Manager Tool

        In this video learn how to manage files as easily on Crestron devises similar to using Microsoft® Windows Explorer.

        Network Analyzer

        In this video learn how to use the Network Analyzer to detect wiring faults on the Cresnet network.

        Video Test Patterns Tool

        In this video learn how to use the Video Test Pattern Tool to provide test patterns from a PC output that are designed to assist in video system configuration.

        Device Discovery Tool

        In this video learn how to use the Device Discovery Tool to discovery Crestron device on Ethernet local area network. Once discovered, learn how to manage and configure those devices from this tool. The tool can help in creating or adding devices to an address book.

        SIMPL Debugger Tool

        In this video learn how to troubleshoot a control system by monitoring program activity in real time. Trigger events, change signals and look at specific functions running in real-time.

        EasyConfig Tool

        In this video learn about the EasyConfig tool. This tool is tightly integrated into the Device Discovery Tool, but it can also be opened as a stand-alone tool.

        System Monitor

        In this video learn how the System Monitor Tool which allows you to monitor performance and network data from Crestron control processors in real-time.

        infiNET EX® Diagnostic Tool

        The infiNET EX® Diagnostic Tool allows you to view, configure and troubleshoot devices on an infiNET EX® network.

        Information Gathering Tool

        The Information Gathering Tool collects diagnostic information from connected Crestron devices and aids Crestron's True Blue Support professionals in assisting users in the field.

        Security Audit Tool

        The Security Audit Tool allows you to verify if a device meets a specific Target Security Level.

        DigitalMedia Tool

        In this video learn how the DMTool helps to configure audio/video source settings and switching in a Crestron DigitalMedia™ system in real time.

        Device Learner Tool

        In this video learn how the Device Learner is a tool that can be used to learn third-party manufacturer's IR signals corresponding to remote's buttons and save them as IR Driver files.

        EDID Configuration Tool

        In this video learn about the EDID Tool. This tool allows you to create and edit EDID template files in instances where you need to distribute uncommon or custom video resolutions and/or audio formats through DigitalMedia™ products.