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        "Toolbox" is a Crestron software package, which contains a multitude of applications that enable configuration and diagnostics of any Crestron device. This tutorial explains each tool and describes the features available for communicating with control systems, touch panels and other devices. This course is required prior to attending the following courses Introduction to Crestron, DigitalMedia Certification - Engineer, Crestron Lighting Control Systems.

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        Toolbox Introduction

        This chapter explains the overall features of the Toolbox software package.

        Address Book

        Explains how to use the address book to enable quick access to communication with control systems and other Crestron devices.


        Demonstrates how to customize the Toolbox interface.

        System Info Introduction

        The System Info tool contains may different functions. This is the tool overview; however each individual pane is also demonstrated here.

        System Info - Product Info

        Upload firmware and operating system to touchpanels or control systems.

        System Info - Program

        Verify and upload program changes.

        System Info - Ethernet

        Configure Ethernet addresses and security settings.

        System Info - Cresnet Devices

        Confirm Cresnet IDs and firmware versions for devices on the Cresnet communications bus.

        System Info - Internal Memory

        Compact or initialize processor memory space.

        System Info - NVRAM

        Keep track of non-volatile memory usage.

        System Info - Device ID

        Determine the Cresnet ID of a given device. Enable Cresnet slaving for 2-series processors.

        System Info - Error Log

        View, track and record error messages present on a device.

        System Info - Compact Flash

        If installed, this pane shows the usage and availability of space on the compact flash card.

        System Info - System Clock

        Set the processor’s time and date.

        System Info - IP Table

        View and modify a device’s IP Table for Ethernet communications.

        System Info - The Rest

        View detailed information about the hardware and firmware support of a device.

        System Info - Web Pages

        Available through the Functions pull-down menu: how to load web pages and mobile device files.

        Text Console

        Reviews console commands and how to use this direct-access method of completing tasks.

        Network Device Tree

        Learn how to communicate with Cresnet devices on the network to load project files and firmware.

        Script Manager

        Explains the process of developing scripts to perform multiple tasks.

        File Manager

        Manage files as easily as if you were using Windows Explorer.

        Network Analyzer

        Shows how to use the Analyzer to detect wiring faults on the Cresnet bus.

        Pro Sound Tools

        Learn how to configure and equalize high-end surround-sound systems like a professional!

        DigitalMedia Tools

        Provides a quick overview of DigitalMedia system configuration and diagnostics.

        QuickMedia Tool

        Covers the configuration and manual testing procedures of QuickMedia and other audio/video components.

        PUF Update

        Describes the procedure for updating a control system to the latest and greatest Operating System version.

        Video Test Patterns

        Provides test patterns designed to assist in video system configuration.

        Biometric Setup Tool

        Demonstrates how to set up the biometric fingerprint scanner feature contained in certain user interfaces.

        Power Management Tool

        Explains how to monitor Universal Power Supplies to maintain ideal operating conditions.

        Device Discovery Tool

        Shows how to use the Auto-Discovery feature in Ethernet devices to configure WAPs and connection settings on a network.

        CEN-TIA Setup

        Details setup of the telephone interface adaptor using menus and wav files.

        SIMPL Debugger

        Learn how to troubleshoot a control system by monitoring program activity in real time.